Euratex Porto Convention: Sustainability meets Competitiveness

Porto, Portugal • 13 Oct 2022 - 14 Oct 2022

Join Quantis on October 13th at the 2022 Porto Convention: Sustainability meets competitiveness!

Co-organized by EURATEX and ATP, the 10th European Textile & Apparel Convention + 24th Textile Industry Forum, will look at how companies can anticipate the new European regulatory framework, embrace innovation, and develop a business model where sustainability becomes a source of competitiveness and growth.

On the first day of the convention, Quantis’ Global Footprinting Lead Emilie Carasso will lead a workshop on labelling sustainability, a critical topic in today’s fashion industry.

+ Workshop 4: Labelling sustainability
October 13th / 15:15 PM – 16:15 GMT

With an ever-growing number of consumers demanding more transparency from fashion brands on the impacts of their products on the planet, regulators are setting common rules — such as the European Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) method — for brands to measure and communicate the environmental performance of their products.

Join Quantis’ Global Footprinting Lead Emilie Carasso and Mauro Scalia, Director Sustainable Businesses at EURATEX to learn more about sustainability labelling and supporting consumers in adopting sustainable purchasing habits.

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