Regenerative Agriculture & Food Systems Summit US

Chicago, United States • 28 Mar 2023 - 29 Mar 2023

Join Quantis at the Regenerative Agriculture & Food Systems Summit.

An in-person event that brings together the food industry to discuss regenerative agriculture practices through partnership and harmonisation.

Our Food + Beverage team and Land & Agriculture experts will be available onsite for networking and answering your questions.


We are delighted to moderate the following sessions:

+ Unifying and Standardizing Regenerative Agriculture Approaches to Measure

March 28, 2023

  • Overcoming the lack of a verifiable standard, to enable a credible measure of regenerative agriculture practices
  • Switching to an outcome-based vs practice-based approach
  • Tackling the challenge of the lack of a ‘one-size fits all’ approach
  • Putting the right metrics in place to ensure practices are effective in order to make accurate claims
  • Navigating the challenge of standardizing practices that are context specific
  • Is standardization necessary or is there value in being practice agnostic?

Moderated by:

Chris Casolaro
Senior Sustainability Consultant


+ Regional Analysis: Status of Regenerative Agriculture across North America

March 29, 2023

Experts from across North America present an objective view of the geographical challenges and opportunities of regenerative agriculture.

  • What is the status of regenerative agriculture across the continent?
  • What progress has been made so far?
  • How do practices translate?



Moderated by:

Liliana Bettolo
Senior Sustainability Consultant

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