7. Zukunftsforum – Nachhaltige Textilien (CH): Think Forward, Act Now!

Filzbach, Switzerland • 30 Oct 2023

Quantis is actively discussing sustainability in the textiles industry at 7. Zukunftsforum – Nachhaltige Textilien in Filzbach!

The theme of this year’s Sustainable Textiles Forum is “Think Forward, Act Now,” meant to evoke collaboration, knowledge and innovation among key players in the industry.

We’re excited to present a keynote speech dedicated to materials, circularity and innovation led by Stefan Frehland.

7. Zukunftsforum – Nachhaltige Textilien Filzbach, 30 October 2023

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+ Sustainable change in the textile industry: What role do circular economy, material selection and innovations play in achieving climate goals?
30 October / 11:25 – 11:40

This session will be held in German

Join Quantis’ Stefan Frehland in this workshop to understand the crucial role of material selection, circular economy and innovation in reducing emissions. We’ll also look at the potential of a circular economy in terms of decoupling revenues and raw materials and how this can help achieve corporate sustainability goals.

What you’ll learn during this workshop:

  • What constitutes an effective material strategy and why it’s important in the fashion and sporting goods industry
  • Primary actions and levers to reduce Tier 2 to Tier 4 impacts
  • How to assess your circular strategy and connect it with both sustainability and business strategies
Portrait of Stefan Frehland

Stefan Frehland
Senior Sustainability Consultant

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