Our why: Credible communications are essential to driving sustainable change

At Quantis, our mission is to guide our clients towards sustainable change.

We believe every person has a role to play in achieving sustainable outcomes. Each and every one of us must first understand the implications and importance of our actions.

Clear, credible and creative communications are essential to inspire people, help them understand what’s at stake, and encourage them to make more responsible choices. In essence, communications are key to protect the planet and ensure a sustainable society.

Our communications solutions empower our clients to engage their audiences to effectively drive positive change.

Quantis sustainability communications Our Difference Ripple Effect

"Quantis possesses a unique blend of providing both communications and sustainability strategy expertise and vision. This combination proved to be invaluable in curating and enhancing our sustainability report’s design and content while considering our current and future sustainability evolution."

Robin Connell, Senior Manager, Sustainability & Communication
Del Monte Foods

Our difference: a creative agency embedded within a sustainability consultancy

We get it.
We understand sustainability-related issues — and the risks and opportunities they pose. We can help future-proof your brand narrative so it’s strategically aligned with today’s emerging trends and topics.

We sit with scientists.
Along with providing cutting-edge, robust scientific assessments, Quantis delivers a full suite of communications agency services … creativity meets credibility, saving you time and resources.

We speak sustainability.
Because we have a deep and nuanced understanding of the issues, we can turn your complex, scientific studies into relevant and resonant narratives.

Our work reaches the right people.
Whether you’re talking to consumers, customers, investors or internal teams, we know how to make your message meaningful and relevant.

We tell it like it is.
We don’t sugar coat anything. We practice truth-telling to build trust. No fairy tales. Ever.

“Quantis helped us build robust data on the sustainability performance of the new Leerdammer recyclable packaging and then translate that into relevant messages for our consumers. It's always a pleasure to work with this team!”

Simon Bonnet, Sustainable Brands Transformation Manager
Bel Group

Using creativity to engage audiences on the science of sustainability

With our unique left-brain, right-brain approach, we find the sweet spot that speaks to both the heart and mind of your target audience.

Credibility is our rallying cry. Our scientific expertise and deep understanding of environmental metrics enables us to help you build trust by delivering accurate and reliable messaging.

But we will never successfully engage people with metrics and statistics alone. That’s why we always inject creativity, with a clear and convincing narrative and visually engaging design elements.

We build a connection between your audience and the narrative to truly change mindsets and inspire action. We make the science of sustainability meaningful and relevant.