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Though often overlooked, internal teams and stakeholders are one of the most important audiences — and the key to achieving your company’s sustainability goals. Sustainability starts from the inside: every decision and action can have a positive or negative impact. Sustainability engagement allows teams to understand what efforts are being made and why they matter. This insight not only generates internal buy-in, it also empowers teams with knowledge so they can make smarter choices.

Engaging teams on sustainability is challenging because the subject is complex. It is not always easy for people to understand which choices are better for the company and society (for example, for R&D or procurement teams making sourcing decisions) or how to credibly communicate on sustainability (for marketing and sales teams).

At Quantis, we use a variety of methods to engage and train teams, from game-based learning and participatory workshops to internal campaigns and interactive web tools.

Sustainability Engagement and gamification Internal Engagement

Engagement programs must find the balance between capturing people´s attention in a fun, clever way and at the same time, sharing real knowledge and insights backed by science that will be useful for teams in their everyday lives.


+ Development of engagement strategies
+ Workshops for change management
+ Internal campaigns for behavior change
+ Design of training programs (physical or virtual)
+ Development of materials including videos, hand-outs, posters, etc.
+ Game-based learning
+ Interactive web tools


+ Life Cycle Perception Game
+ Corporate Footprint Perception
+ Biodiversity
+ Soil Health In The Bucket
+ Bricks EcoDesign
+ Food Scaler

“The workshop together with the Life Cycle Perception Game supported us in improving the knowledge of our sales colleagues. Our organization got a kick-start in understanding the topics of Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Management.”

Viktoria Scherer, Manager Sustainability Development
Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

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