Sustainability Reporting

Reporting is crucial to share your sustainability strategy, governance and progress with stakeholders. It is also an important channel for sharing stories and successes to engage people on your sustainability journey.

Audiences can include investors, internal teams, supply chain partners, business customers, and other stakeholders such as NGOs and local communities. This exercise can be tricky because different audiences have unique needs and expectations. Investors tend to look for robust, comparable data and trustworthy explanations about progress. Internal teams typically want to understand how they fit in and learn about ongoing initiatives across the company.

By creating shareable designs and writing engaging stories, Quantis helps you increase brand visibility and improve your reputation across audiences and touchpoints. We also save you resources by helping you get the most visibility and usage out of your annual sustainability report.

Sustainability Reporting

At Quantis, we ensure you get the most value out of your report by ensuring shareability and readability with interesting infographics and engaging stories which can be used across your touchpoints throughout the year.


+ Report conceptualization and planning strategy
+ Digest/topline reports
+ Writing and editing
+ Report design with infographics
+ Microsite UI/UX design
+ Report launch planning and communication
+ Guidance and development of GRI referenced, core and comprehensive reports
+ Consulting on other reporting frameworks:
DJSI, CDP, TCFD, UN Global Compact

“Quantis helped us develop our first complete GRI-referenced sustainability report. The team guided us in the development of the storyline and concept, ensuring we collected the necessary data points and metrics for a robust report. Finally they brought it all together in a visually engaging and readable document which has been widely used and shared both internally and among our stakeholders.”

Rob Ellsworth, Corporate Sustainability
Schnitzer Steel

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