Fashion Act

Paris, Francia • 11 Apr 2024

Meet the Quantis team at this event dedicated to traceability and environmental impact for fashion brands and industrials. Join Quantis Global Footprinting Lead, Emilie Carasso for a conference focused on the methodological developments and next steps of the PEFCR apparel and footwear. 

Fashion Act is an innovative one-day event, designed to change the face of fashion by providing practical solutions. The ambition of the event is for attendees to find operational solutions, discuss key regulatory issues and inspire decision-makers.

Quantis at Fashion Act

+ CONFERENCE: PEFCR apparel & footwear: methodological developments and next steps
11.04.2024 – 2.00pm-3.00pm 

After 4 years of intensive development, the European PEFCR A&F environmental impact calculation methodology is now in the public consultation phase for version 2.0, which runs until April 28. What are the main methodological changes? What are the challenges? What’s next? 

In this conference, Emilie Carasso, Quantis Global Footprinting Lead, joined by Baptiste Carrière-Pradal, Chairman of the PEFCR A&F Technical Secretariat, will give you the keys to understanding this complex subject and integrating it into your traceability and impact strategy. 


Meet the team

Headshot of Emilie Carasso

Emilie Carasso
Global Footprinting Lead

Headshot of Vincent Carrières

Vincent Carrières
Sustainability Expert
Quantis France 

Headshot of Constance Chassany, Senior Sustainab

Constance Chassany
Senior Sustainability Project Manager
Quantis France

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