Absolute Zero: build a climate strategy for business resilience and maximize your potential contribution to the fight on climate change

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Climate science leaders have set the target for the planet: cap global warming to 1.5°C by reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

As businesses step up to the plate and are ready to commit to “net-zero” or “carbon neutral” targets, how do they ensure their targets and efforts are the most relevant ones — ones that build business resilience and guide the deep transformation needed to align their business with the global net-zero goal? This is where Absolute Zero comes in. 

Absolute Zero is Quantis’ keystone approach to define a long-term climate strategy that maximizes a company’s potential to contribute to the global goal of “net-zero by 2050” and drives sustainable business model transformation. Each company is unique, so each will have a different path to reach the same goal.

Absolute Zero

[ˈabsəluːt ˈzɪərəʊ] noun 

Quantis’ keystone approach to define a tailored, long-term climate strategy that maximizes a company’s potential to contribute toward the global net-zero climate goal and drives sustainable business model transformation.

It’s about building resilience and maximizing your potential contribution

Quantis works with committed businesses of all sizes, industries and levels of maturity to develop a tailored climate strategy. What is critical is that the climate strategy fits the business, maximizes its potential contribution to the global “net-zero by 2050” goal, and is communicated clearly and credibly. We co-create this long-term strategy by considering 4 potential levers: emissions reduction, enabling others to reduce, insetting, and offsetting. Then together we map the scale of actions and transformative innovations needed across your value chain, in your business model and products to reach this goal.

An Absolute Zero climate strategy combines direct + indirect action within your value chain + beyond

The clear priority for a science-driven climate strategy is to reduce emissions across the value chain. After this, businesses consider how they can enable others to reduce and/or mitigate emissions in their value chain through supporting insetting projects. Some companies choose to jump start climate action by compensating their emissions with offsetting plans until alternative solutions arise.

Looking for a deep dive into Quantis’ unique approach to climate strategy? Watch our Absolute Zero webinar with Microsoft and Gold Standard, hosted by GreenBiz.

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Charlotte Bande
Climate Strategy Lead

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