Project Management Community Lead

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Quantis is a leading sustainability consultancy pioneering approaches to solve critical environmental challenges. For nearly two decades, our dynamic and visionary team has partnered with organizations across the globe to transform their industries and pave the way for a planetary economy that aligns business with nature. We strive to be agents of change, helping companies transform from business as usual to business at its best.

We believe that sustainable transformation is possible and within our power. We’re contributing to this transformation by combining the latest science with strategic business insights. Our advice enables global leaders in the consumer goods and finance industries to understand how to reduce their environmental impacts, implement change successfully, and operate within planetary boundaries.

Motivated by this common purpose, our 250+ talented professionals cultivate a unique, collaborative culture that we call the Quantis Spirit. We are innovative. We are impact-oriented. We are science-based. We are Quantis.

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Project Management is a critical know-how necessary for Quantis to deliver excellent client service and high quality outputs with the objective of achieving its purpose to align business with Planetary Boundaries.

The role

We believe that sustainable transformation is possible and within our power. We’re contributing to this transformation by combining the latest environmental science with strategic business insights. Our advice enables global leaders in our focus sectors to understand how to reduce their environmental impacts, implement the changes and operate within planetary boundaries. 

For this, we strive to maintain the best expertise and quality of delivery. Consistent excellence in our work mutually supports efficient delivery which requires skilled project management and the efficient use of resources. The primary purpose of this role is to enable Quantis to be excellent in this topic area and ensure we support our client’s transition towards sustainability. 

The Project Management Community Lead is responsible for the continuous improvement of Quantis Project Management practices, including process, training (needs identification, development of materials) and support for client project teams. Project Management is a critical know-how necessary for Quantis to deliver excellent client service and high quality outputs with the objective of achieving its purpose to align business with Planetary Boundaries. 

This covers project management skills & know-how as well as project management related processes and tracking at Quantis aligned with our ERP, Knowledge Management, Quality and operational processes. The Project Management Community Lead will be responsible for the creation, maintenance and improvement of Quantis project management practices as well as project process oversight, mentoring Project Managers, and supporting current and future client projects to ensure excellent delivery as well as profitable and efficient outcomes for the team. This role is notably in charge of coordinating a community of Project Managers and is supported by these community members responsible for delivering the work to reach the community objectives.

The role also includes consulting time, such as managing client projects or delivering part of projects if relevant and coherent with regards to skills needed. It is split into two focuses: developing project management practices, workshops and training, and hands-on mentoring, oversight, and support of ongoing and future client projects. It is positioned within the Operations Community and will closely work with Branch Operations Leads, Quality team and Knowledge Management functions.

Does this describe you and your next role?

  • You’re motivated to put your project management and leadership skills to work towards our mission of aligning businesses with Planetary Boundaries.
  • For 8+ years, you’ve been developing project management skills (including project risk management) and aim at excelling in this function.
  • You have proven capacity to organize work, motivate a community, deliver progress and achieve goals.
  • You’re able to design and teach process, focusing on improved efficiency, profitability, and collaboration.
  • You have PMP Certification and/or related experience such as managing conflict, creative problem solving (removing impediments to success), team building (including motivation, inspiration, empowerment), training, negotiation, collaboration, building a shared understanding, team engagement and communication.
  • You have solid experience in applying Project Management to complex client projects.
  • You’re knowledgeable about Project Management and improvement levers to facilitate the client transformation journey.
  • You’re able to understand client needs and provide adequate solutions in collaboration with your colleagues. 
  • Your organizational skills (time management, scheduling…) are top-notch.
  • You’re a collaborative team player and have strong peer leadership skills that enable you to empower others to be successful at finding solutions using their expertise by providing clear guidance, support, and direction.
  • You communicate effectively and efficiently in fluent English verbally and in writing. French, Italian or German language skills would be a plus. 
  • You’re passionate about supporting the growth and development of your colleagues.
  • You have strong strategic and critical thinking skills.

As our Project Management Community Lead, here’s a preview of what type of work your days will include:

Leadership & coordination

  • Coordinating a community of excellent Project Managers (“community members”) across Quantis to continuously define the needed tools, templates, practices and skills to do project management including needs analysis, setting client expectations, project scoping and budgeting, time and team management 
  • Building the practice’s annual work plan to deliver the aforementioned requirements for excellent project management and coordinate its implementation
  • Implementing, maintaining and developing appropriate project management practices (“Waterfall”, “Agile”, “Lean”, “Scrum”, “Kanban”, etc.) to foster impact, optimize project team workload and ensure positive client satisfaction 
  • Capturing feedback from and consolidating challenges faced by PM in their daily work, coordinating efforts to capture and share knowledge from projects lessons-learned as well as new practices & standards
  • Ensuring compliance with designed procedures of project kick-off, project management and project close-out.
  • Designing or updating solutions such as knowledge assets, templates, tools, guidelines, processes, or other supporting materials to support efficient project delivery in collaboration with various transversal teams such as talent, knowledge management, quality, operations. The Project Management Community Lead will work closely with the Global/Branch Operations Leads to ensure that the Project Management practices are in line with the ERP and project life-cycle processes.
  • Coordinating with the communities of Expertise, Practice, Client Relations to ensure that project management practices are adapted to the types of projects consultants deliver and ensure strong client relationships
  • Supporting Business Developers and Strategists (key account managers) in the sales process and in transferring accepted projects to the PM and project team

Learning & Development

In collaboration with Learning & Development:

  • Building the development pathway for consultants willing to become excellent Project Managers
  • Building an internal certification program or select relevant external certifications for Project Managers 
  • Conducting training for all consultants, including business development and client relations, to ensure high-quality delivery.

Client Projects

  • Participating in client projects where the Quantisians skill set and knowledge is relevant, supporting project delivery through mentoring and on-the-job training. Using these experiences to continuously improve and expand Quantis’ practices in this area.

Client Relations

  • Supporting the sales’ teams by providing insights into different project management practices that can help better scope projects, deliver specific / unusual or complex projects to optimize delivery, workload and quality


  • Identifying skills gaps and supporting the hiring and onboarding of project managers to ensure Quantis is always equipped with the right profiles to deliver the work to our clients and support their transition.

To thrive in the Quantis culture, you’ll:

  • Show up as team collaborator with a win-win attitude: empathetic, attentive and supportive of colleagues.
  • Take responsibility and ownership for your work: think and act with autonomy, while knowing when to ask for help.
  • Take initiative if something needs to be done.
  • Be positive! Use positive language, look at challenges not as bottlenecks, but as problems to solve, and see failure as a lesson learned.
  • Practice open and transparent communication; welcome effective dialogue and productive disagreement with minimal tension. 
  • Self-Manage: be in the driver’s seat of your professional growth and ambitions all the while valuing the learning journey and opportunities within Quantis.

Some logistics to consider

  • Location: Any Quantis branch (France, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Italy)
  • Optimal start date: As soon as possible
  • Frequent collaboration with other Quantis branches via web-conferences
  • Ability to travel in Europe & US, as needed

Quantis has a distinctive, fluid structure nurtured by our Quantis Spirit and our way of collaborating that provides a positive and unique working environment. Salary will be determined based on potential for contribution to the organization’s success.

At Quantis we believe that equality, diversity and inclusiveness are central to our mission of building a sustainable future. Quantis is an equal opportunity employer that embraces people from diverse backgrounds including race, color, nationality, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, marital or parental status, disability, religion, creed, politics, or any other non-merit factor. It is our daily commitment to ensure that each Quantisian works in an environment where they belong and where they can thrive.