Shout it Out: Communicating Products’ Social Impacts — a White Paper of the Consumer Information Programme

This white paper’s primary objective is to identify good practices of product-level social impact communication that can provide inspiration, and be built upon or replicated. It identifies relevant principles, criteria and means to communicate such impacts, including recommendations on integrating social impact communication with more well-established environmental impact communication tools. The white paper was developed through a working group of the Consumer Information Programme.

Quantis Senior Sustainability Consultant  Carole DuBois and Lead Sustainability Communications Consultant Amanda Martin contributed their sustainability communications expertise to the paper, sharing tools and tips for building sound, intelligent, and credible sustainability communications projects (see p. 24 of the white paper). Communications is a crucial part of the ecological transition, and we’re excited for the chance to pass on best practices and help build capacity in sustainability communications.

Contact Amanda Martin to explore how Quantis can help you develop sound, intelligent, and inspiring sustainability communications.

Communicating products social impacts