Rolling out a circular concept for the tyre industry

The tyre industry generates considerable amounts of waste but it could enter the circular economy concept, adding to recycled products of high value from an environmental point of view. The EU-funded BlackCycle project will create, develop and improve a full value chain that will exploit recycling of the end-of-life tyre to produce high-technical second hand raw materials without any waste of resources. Since existing technologies are limited, the project will go beyond the barriers and produce raw materials for tyre production or other technical products. In addition to the environmental benefits, the project will contribute to the growth of the European tyre industry as the world leader of sustainable tyre production.

Quantis is responsible for assessing the environmental performance of the developed sustainable tyres compared with existing conventional End-of-Life tyre solutions, with the application of environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Circularity Assessment.


Timeline: 2020-2023 (40 months)

Coordinator: Michelin, France

Topic: CE-SC5-07-2018-2019-2020 – Raw materials innovation for the circular economy: sustainable processing, reuse, recycling and recovery schemes

Key industrial partners: Michelin, Orion, Pyrum Innovations, Estato, Hera, Icamcyl, Aliapur