FlAgship demonstration of industrial scale production of nutrient Resources from Mealworms to develop a bioeconomY New Generation

The world faces a major challenge with the sharp increase in demand for meat and fish by 2050, to which current modes of production, whether through agriculture, aquaculture or fisheries, cannot be sustained. An innovative solution to this predicted shortage of resources, especially protein, lies in insect production and processing which can provide a serious response. However, up to date, no industrial scale production of insect-derived products has been realized.

Coordinated by Ÿnsect, the FARMŸNG project has the ambition to develop, on an industrial and automated scale, the breeding and transformation of insects for the production of ingredients, with the strong participation of 20 key actors all along the value chain, from the feedstock supply to the final insect transformation.

Quantis will assess the life cycle sustainability performance of the innovative insect-based proteins by means of environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), LCC and social LCA, setting other alternative protein sources for pet-food and aqua-food applications as a baseline.

Timeline: June 2019 to June 2022 (37 months)

Coordinator: Ÿnsect