Advanced MEMBranes and membrane assisted processes for pre- and post- combustion CO2 capture

MEMBER seeks to scale the manufacture of advanced materials (membranes and sorbents) for use with novel membrane-based technologies that outperform current technology for pre- and post-combustion CO2 capture in power plants as well as H2 generation with integrated CO2 capture. The project will deliver a robust demonstration of the new materials under real conditions (TRL 6) by designing, building, operating and validating three prototype systems tested in industrial relevant conditions.

Quantis will assess the environmental performance of the innovative advanced materials by means of environmental Life Cycle Assessment, compared to current technologies for pre- and post-combustion CO2 capture. To demonstrate and disseminate the sustainability performance of the MEMBER technology, Quantis will develop and maintain a web-based footprint tool based on the results of the conducted LCA.

Timeline: 2017–2021 (48 months)

Coordinator: Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Topic: H2020 – NMBP-20-2017 High-performance materials for optimizing carbon dioxide capture

Key industrial partners: C&CS, Polymem, HyGear, Petroleos de Portugal-Petrogal, Arkema, Johnson Matthey