Digital Solutions: Embed sustainability into business processes

Ready, and action! 

Once your company’s sustainability targets and strategies are set, it’s time to get in motion! Unique opportunities and challenges emerge at the implementation phase. How to scale and streamline processes to accelerate progress toward sustainability targets? How to engage and empower employees outside the sustainability team to take ownership of the company’s sustainability plan in their role?

When the rubber meets the road, companies need tools that simplify and automate the environmental footprinting process and make environmental metrics accessible to non-sustainability experts across the business — in product ecodesign, packaging development, supply chain management, communications and beyond.

Quantis’ Digital Solutions team harnesses our expertise in leading-edge environmental footprinting, sustainability strategy and software development to tackle your company’s digital needs in sustainability. Our digital tools and advisory support help you implement your sustainability strategy by embedding sustainability across key business functions including product and packaging innovation, operations, marketing and reporting.

eQopack - A packaging assessment tool to drive sustainable innovation

At Quantis, we bring our sustainability and LCA expertise together with our digital solutions team’s experience in software development to create user-friendly decision-making tools that translate robust environmental data into actionable business insights.


Embed sustainability performance within the product development process

Quantis’ eQopack tool equips packaging engineers with a user-friendly ecodesign platform to embed environmental sustainability within the packaging innovation process. We designed this Saas tool to help packaging engineers make more sustainable design choices and accelerate innovation toward sustainability. Drawing on our deep expertise in packaging environmental footprinting, ecodesign and software development, this tool turns robust environmental metrics into actionable insights to drive sustainable packaging.

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An ecodesign tool to drive sustainable packaging innovation in the cosmetics industry

The SPICE Tool helps cosmetics and personal care companies embed ecodesign into the packaging development process. This intuitive tool makes robust environmental data accessible to packaging designers, empowering them to develop more resilient packaging.

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Digital Advisory Services

Clarify your digital needs + identify solutions to accelerate transformation

As the landscape of digital solutions for sustainability grows and morphs, it can be confusing to understand which tools and solutions will accelerate progress toward your sustainability goals. Consider us your guides to navigate this ever-evolving landscape with agility and clarity. Our experts have a pulse on the market and a deep understanding of opportunities for digitalization in corporate sustainability.

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Catherine Zwahlen
Head of Digital Solutions

“You say you are proud, and I couldn’t agree more. I think we’ve built a beautiful and useful sustainability tool.”

Tim Mulder, Packaging Development Manager – Sustainable Packaging Expert Team, RESPACKT

“Quantis strongly supported us to ensure a robust assessment tool for our packaging Ecodesign process. Towards sustainable packaging!”

Benoit Piette, Packaging Technology Manager, Nature, Danone

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