SPICE: The Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics

Co-created by Quantis and L’Oréal, the Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics — SPICE — is an initiative that brings together organizations in the cosmetics industry to work towards a common goal: to collectively shape the future of sustainable packaging. SPICE will develop and publish business-oriented methodologies and data to support resilient decision-making to improve the environmental performance of the entire packaging value chain.

Packaging is key for the cosmetics industry and companies need robust information and recognized frameworks to make resilient decisions. SPICE will be a key factor in driving their sustainability transformation.

Our Goal

Guided by the support of the environmental sustainability experts at Quantis, participating members drive sustainable packaging innovation within the cosmetics industry. To this end, we will identify the most relevant methods and metrics to establish a common and applicable approach to measure and improve the environmental performance of packaging products. SPICE will work collectively to make significant progress in three key areas:

  • Guiding solid sustainable packaging policy development based on a robust and harmonized methodology, recognized at sector level
  • Driving packaging innovation based on objective eco-design criteria to progress towards more sustainable solutions
  • Meeting consumers’ expectations by improving communication and providing more clarity on the environmental performance of products

An ecodesign tool to drive sustainable packaging innovation

The SPICE Tool helps cosmetics and personal care companies embed ecodesign into the packaging development process. This intuitive tool makes robust environmental data accessible to packaging designers, empowering them to develop more resilient packaging.

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