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1+ Does Quantis collect my data?

Yes, we do.

Quantis is as serious about keeping your data safe as we are about climate change.

Acknowledgement and Terms of Use: This privacy notice provides information on current practices on how we collect information when you or your company interacts with Quantis. By hiring, partnering with, participating in Quantis events (in-person or online) or by accessing or downloading Quantis reports or studies, you acknowledge and fully understand Company’s privacy practices and freely consent to the information collection and use practices described herein.

2+ Why does Quantis collect data? How will it be used?

For project work with a side of news and insight.

We want to be wanted. Quantis is committed to communicating to people that want to hear from us.

Your personal data, such as name and email address, will be used to contact you personally for project work. And from time-to-time, we will share news and insight via our Quantis Quarterly newsletter, invites for webinars, speaking or other events, or about sustainability industry initiatives, reports and projects. That’s it.

3+ What type of data is being collected exactly?

Just the basics.

You name, company, industry, couontry, title, email address when you are actively submitting a form  – as well as project, partnership and activity history with Quantis – and web activity on our website.

4+ Where is my data kept and who has access

Our eyes only!

Individual’s data is stored in a GDPR-compliant CRM database and only permanent team members at Quantis can access this information.

5+ How long will you keep my data

As long as you say.

Individual’s data will be stored permanently by Quantis, unless you tell us otherwise.

6+ Can I access, change, unsubscribe, control or delete my data?

You’re the boss.

You can receive all of our information, including news and insight (see #2), or you can opt-out to receiving any information that does not pertain to a specific project, partnership or initiative.

At any time, an individual can request access to their data and/or to delete or modify this information.  To do so, please contact

Quantis SA
Rue de la Gare de Triage 5
Renens 1020 Switzerland
+41 21 353 59 10
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