Constructing a novel PMMA recycling value chain in Europe with MMAtwo: a multi-sectorial international consortium.

PMMA is a polymer that has an extensive range of applications in everyday life, including in cameras, smartphone screens and car windows. It is, however, notoriously difficult to recycle, unless the scrap material is of very high purity. The aim of the MMAtwo project is to address this issue by constructing a novel PMMA recycling value chain in Europe

Project Objectives 

  • Avoid the down-cycling of the MMA compound in the polymer and produce – through depolymerization – a recyclate identical to virgin material in both properties and quality
  • Develop an innovative technology enabling lead-free recycling of lower quality PMMA waste
  • Quantity the potential savings in energy use and CO2 emissions with respect to virgin MMA
  • Ultimately, develop a new innovative value chain in Europe with the potential to widen the range of scrap PMMA waste fit for recycling

Quantis’ Solutions 

  • Perform an environmental Life Cycle Assessment and a Life Cycle Costing of the different value chain design options
  • Compare the environmental performance of the production of the recycled and conventional virgin PMMAs
  • Identify the most probable environmental hotspots along the life cycle of the recycled PMMA
  • Guide the design and strategy development of the recycling value chain towards more sustainable solutions and provide best-practice recommendations

MMAtwo: A multi-sectorial international consortium

“By creating a novel PMMA recycling value chain and a new market for recycled plastic materials, the MMAtwo project addresses topics of high importance on the European sustainable development agenda, including plastic pollution and waste mismanagement, as well as the transition to a circular economy”

Simon Van Der Heijden, Project Coordinator & Director & Co-founder 

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