Expert review of LCIA methodologies and impact indicators.

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Solvay is among leading producers of advanced materials and specialty chemicals. The company uses Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) — its proprietary decision-making tool — to steer the business toward sustainable solutions with the ultimate goal of minimizing the environmental impacts of its production processes and maximizing positive contribution to society at large. As part of continuous improvement of the SPM tool, Solvay revised the Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) methods used in their products’ manufacturing footprint assessments. Quantis was commissioned to provide an independent expert review of the revised LCIA methodologies.


Improve the relevancy and reliability of eco-profile assessment methodologies used to evaluate Solvay’s product manufacturing footprints by aligning the SPM tool with the best and latest science; • Support Solvay’s sustainability leadership position by maintaining scientific robustness of SPM.

Quantis’ Solutions

Critically review Solvay’s proposed updates to the LCIA indicators and methodologies

Provide clear recommendations for methodology improvements, ensuring:

  • Indicators cover the full range of environmental impacts
  • Methodologies chosen are scientifically relevant, recognised and applicable.

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"At Solvay, SPM is key for integrating sustainability into our decisions. We trusted Quantis’ expertise and experience in developing and applying LCIA indicators and methodologies to help us maximise the relevance and robustness of the tool."

Alain Wathelet LCA, Expert

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