Aligning business goals with science-based targets

Science-based target setting is an approach that aligns a business’ climate strategy with environmental science. This approach is based on the planetary boundaries framework and starts with climate targets aimed at limiting global temperatures to 1.5°C — in line with the Paris Agreement. This science-based approach represents a real paradigm shift in goal setting and requires bold, systemic change in business models.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has become the standard for target-setting. Through the SBTi, many leading companies are defining ambitious climate strategies and GHG emissions reduction targets, with more joining the initiative every day. Quantis guides companies to align their climate strategies with science-based targets (SBTs) and build operational climate action plans.

Quantis has a 100% approval rate on SBT submissions.

The science-based targets climate journey

The SBTi has defined a clear path to help companies align their environmental targets with science. But even so, science-based targets can be tricky to navigate alone. Quantis is fluent in SBTs and incorporating them into a holistic sustainability strategy, integrating climate, biodiversity, water and land initiatives. 

With clear steps, we enable you to understand the science, set appropriate targets and build a roadmap to reach them. We equip your business for long-term success by ensuring you grasp what you’re committing to, keep up-to-date with evolving standards and science and understand the business applications of the available pathways. Once your ambition is clear, we help you determine which actions will be required to reach targets, as well as secure leadership and operational buy-in on these newly-set goals. Lastly, we support you in preparing and submitting these targets to the initiative — a step that requires experience to avoid common pitfalls. Quantis has a 100% approval rate on SBT submissions.

Science-based targets for an ambitious climate strategy

Quantis provides the most up-to-date guidance, helping you align your strategy and reduction targets with the SBTi’s progress on a net-zero standard, the latest 1.5°C updates and any new methodologies. This ensures your commitments are credible with a clear path to achieving your goals through deep reductions and balancing of residual emissions.

Here’s an overview of the steps we’ll walk you through on your SBT journey.

1+ Host an introductory session to present the latest climate science, SBT frameworks and lay out the process, requirements, methodologies and overall value for your business. Support you in identifying the right target-setting approach.

2+ Map out 1.5°C science-based reduction pathways based on your corporate footprint, expected growth and business strategy — in line with SBT requirements.

3+ Discuss the feasibility of the reduction ranges needed to achieve goals in the set timeframe. If a current reduction strategy exists, a high-level gap analysis can assess whether it’s enough to reach targets.

If your sights are set on net zero, we determine the relevant timeline for setting this goal and estimate what’s needed to balance residual emissions, advising you on a strategy to bring meaningful change for a credible strategy.

4+ Submit targets to the SBTi for approval and certification. This typically takes at least 30 business days.

5+ Once your targets are approved and certified, we support you in the implementation of your action plan and tracking your real progress annually — updating targets when relevant and ensuring good governance along the way.

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