Sustainability Communications Strategy

A well-crafted sustainability strategy defines priorities, outlines plans and enables the achievement of your goals. It’s a key success factor for achieving the company’s overall sustainability strategy.

The communications strategy serves as a roadmap, ensuring you are connecting with the right stakeholders on the most relevant topics while optimizing resources. It ensures you are building brand value where it matters, while reducing risks of misperception or greenwashing.

This strategic roadmap defines your core communications objectives and the brand’s sustainable benefits, your specific target audiences and the best channels to reach them, as well as your key messages and the central narrative.

Sustainability Sustainability Communications Strategy

At Quantis, we bring our sustainability expertise together with our communications team’s experience in trend analysis and target audience research to shape relevant and smart communications strategies and narratives that resonate with your stakeholders.


1+ We start with a insights-gathering exercise to understand your brand heritage and ambition, your metrics and externalities, your stakeholder audiences, the trends and the industry/competition.

2+ We then hold a workshop to share insights and initial strategic ideas with your extended team.

3+ Finally we develop the communications strategy and roadmap, outlining the objective, key audiences, messages and channels.


+ Development of your core sustainability narrative (for webpage, reports, materials, etc.)
+ Message house development
+ Stakeholder audience mapping
+ Communications roadmap and planning
+ Message bank development with supporting metrics
+ Sustainability-integrated brand positioning

“Quantis was instrumental in helping us develop a credible, fact-based sustainability brand positioning for Naia™ that speaks to fashion brands and fabric mills alike."

Ruth Farrell, Global Marketing Director of Textiles

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