Phoenix AZ, Stati Uniti • 12 Feb 2024 - 14 Feb 2024

GreenBiz 24 is 2024’s essential sustainability conference for business innovators, held in Phoenix, AZ, February 12-14. It’s a hub for over 2,500 professionals to explore advances in decarbonization, biodiversity, and more, offering actionable solutions to propel your sustainability initiatives forward.

At GreenBiz 24, Quantis’ parent company BCG will have an opportunity to present insights on supply chain resilience and Scope 3. Join us as we delve into creating sustainable and resilient supply chains, exploring effective strategies for sourcing low-carbon ingredients, enhancing supplier engagement, and optimizing Scope 3 impact management.

Where you will find Quantis at GreenBiz24:

+ How to Nurture Your Supply Chain to Grow Resilience
Feb 12th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Wildflower A-B

Scope 3 accounting is important, but supply chains are made of much more than data. The volume of materials and dollars flowing between suppliers, buyers, contractors and logistics providers creates staggering impacts — and offers big opportunities. What makes a “sustainable” or “resilient” supply chain, and how can you ensure your company is building one? Experts share lessons learned around how to source low-carbon ingredients, engage suppliers, mitigate risk, invest in transparency, all while managing and measuring your sustainability impacts toward a more optimal Scope 3 story.

Come speak with us:

Portrait of Steve

Steve Wourgiotis
US Managing Director 

Portrait of Heath McKay

Heath McKay,
Global Marketing Lead

Portrait of Kendra Pedley

Kendra Pedley,
US Lead for Food & Beverage

Portrait of Hamed Majidzadeh

Hamed Majidzadeh,
QUS expert on Nature, Land & Agriculture

Portrait of John Willard

John Willard,
US Lead for Climate and Transformation

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