SETAC Europe Annual meeting

Seville, Spagna • 05 May 2024 - 09 May 2024

Meet the Quantis team at this event dedicated to advancing environmental science and science-informed decision-making through collaboration, communication, education, and leadership. Join Quantis sustainability expert, Mathilde Kolenda and few EcobeautyScore Members for a presentation of two impactful posters.

+ POSTER #1: Improving the robustness of freshwater ecotoxicity impact assessment of cosmetic products in life cycle assessment
Tuesday, 7 May 2024 – Poster Areas

Learn about the pioneering work conducted by the EcoBeautyScore Consortium, including practical cases demonstrating the enhancements made to freshwater ecotoxicity characterization factors. Join the members as they unveil innovative methodologies to ensure more meaningful differentiation between cosmetic products, ultimately empowering consumers to make environmentally informed choices.

+ POSTER #2: Improving substance coverage for more accurate ecotoxicity normalization factors – A Consortium-based approach
Monday, 6 May 2024 – Poster Areas

Dive into the intricacies of normalizing ecotoxicity impacts in life cycle assessment and discover how the collaboration within the EcoBeautyScore Consortium has led to advancements in substance coverage. Members will share insights on refining normalization factors, drawing from industry-wide data to drive impactful change in environmental assessment practices.

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