Sustainability in Packaging Europe 2023

Barcelona, Spagna • 16 Oct 2023 - 18 Oct 2023

With years of collaboration under our belt, Quantis will be returning to Barcelona for the eighth edition of Sustainability in Packaging Europe!

This exclusive European event emphasizes not only the importance of sustainability in packaging but also highlights how the transition to a circular economy is a key influencer and benchmark for the packaging supply chain. With over 570 packaging innovators expected to attend, it offers a holistic perspective on the obstacles and remedies that supply chains encounter in the journey toward a circular economy.

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+ How to get ready for a long-term packaging sustainability strategy? A holistic, multi-metrics approach
16 October / 11:45 – 14:00

Join Quantis’ Laura Peano and Stefan Frehland in this workshop to understand what makes an effective packaging strategy, considering key external factors (i.e. political, economic, environmental, social and technological). We will explore essential topics, strategies, and innovations that can drive positive change and assist in building a more sustainable and resilient packaging ecosystem.

What you’ll learn during this workshop:

  • What constitutes an effective packaging strategy and why it’s important
  • Primary actions and levers to reduce packaging impacts
  • Tracking your progress through our eQopack tool
Laura Peano

Laura Peano
Global Plastics Lead

Portrait of Stefan Frehland

Stefan Frehland
Senior Sustainability Consultant

Paul Spitzmuller
Sustainability Strategist

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