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Cosmetics Europe Annual Conference 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Quantis is once again a proud sponsor of the Cosmetics Europe Annual Conference (CEAC) in 2024! As a leading event in the cosmetic and personal care industry, CEAC brings together global leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to explore the latest trends and developments shaping our industry. 

Under this year’s theme, CEAC 2024 will delve into the future of cosmetics regulation, sustainability, global business trends, international developments, communication, advocacy, and much more. This unique conference offers a platform for industry experts to share insights, engage in discussions, and collaborate on solutions to common challenges. 

Come speak with us:

Headshot of Emmanuel Hembert

Emmanuel Hembert
Cosmetics, Personal Care & Pharma Lead 


Anne-Florence Lécolier
Marketing & Communications Lead
Quantis France 

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Ancora una volta, il team Quantis tra i protagonisti di Cosmoprof, evento internazionale dedicato all’industria cosmetica.

Marco Occhipinti, Quantis Italy Cosmetics, Personal Care & Pharma Lead, sul palco si concentrerà sul ruolo dell’innovazione nella direzione della riduzione dell’impronta ecologica.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna è la principale fiera italiana dedicata a tutti i settori dell’industria cosmetica e della bellezza professionale: Profumeria e cosmesi, Prodotti naturali/biologici, Packaging, Macchinari, Produzione conto terzi e Private Label, Materie prime, Bellezza e Spa, Capelli e unghie .

Quantis a Cosmoprof

+ COSMOPACK STAGE: Reducing footprint through disruptive innovation
22.03.24 – 12.45-13.15 

Nel frenetico mondo della bellezza, l’imperativo della sostenibilità non è mai stato così urgente. Marco Occhipinti, Cosmetics, Personal Care & Pharma Lead in Quantis Italia, approfondirà il tema dell’innovazione, concentrandosi in particolare sulla riduzione dell’impronta ambientale attraverso le soluzioni di packaging.
Dai materiali biodegradabili ai design minimalisti, e oltre. Marco avrà modo di approfondire la vasta gamma di soluzioni che il settore sta approcciando nella direzione della sostenibilità ambientale.

Marco Occhipinti

Marco Occhipinti
Cosmetics, Personal Care & Pharma Lead

Quantis Italy 

ChangeNOW 2024

Step into the forefront of sustainability innovation with Quantis as we proudly join forces with BCG as a Knowledge Partner for the forthcoming ChangeNOW Summit. For three dynamic days, we’ll be at the heart of the action, collaborating with visionary leaders and pioneering solutions to address the planet’s most pressing challenges.  

At Quantis, we are committed to drive meaningful change through science-based solutions and actionable insights. Join us to explore together innovative solutions that will shape a more sustainable future.  

Quantis at ChangeNOW

+ ROUND TABLE: Rethinking nutrition from field to table
25.03.24 – 11.15am-12.30pm 

About 1/3 of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions is linked to food. Reducing emissions from the food sector requires changes at all stages, from producers diversifying ingredients and adapting to regenerative farming to consumers changing their diets. In this conference, Allon Zeitoun, Quantis Managing Director, joined by experts from various industries, will share insights on how to move forward together towards a more planet-friendly model of nutrition. 

Allon Zeitoun
Global Leader and Managing Director

ChangeNOW 2023

On May 25 & 26 the Quantis QFR Team attended ChangeNow, the global summit for positive impact held in Paris. It was an inspiring and transformative experience, filled with insightful discussions, meaningful connections, and a wealth of knowledge on sustainability and regenerative practices.

Quantis at ChangeNOW

+ CONFERENCE: Getting your board on board

Quantis France Managing Director Anne-Désérable was part of this panel session to explore the challenges that organizations face in implementing sustainable transformation strategies and ways to reinvent their approach to successfully get their board on board. Anne was joined by experts from various industries to discuss some of the key obstacles including resistance from the board, lack of resources, and difficulty engaging stakeholders.

+ WORKSHOP: Embracing the complexity: how planetary boundaries is the sustainability end game

Companies’ current approach to sustainability, focused on micro-level actions, has shown limited effectiveness in addressing global environmental challenges. They need to shift towards a macro sustainability perspective that considers planetary boundaries for more impactful and systemic change. How can companies operationalize sustainability from a planetary boundaries perspective to drive meaningful and lasting change?

In this interactive workshop, Geraldine Noe, Global Lead – Strategy Practice and  Charles Sirot, Senior Sustainability Consultant delved into the complexities of sustainability efforts and provide insights on why the current approach may not be working.