Ecosystem AnalytiQs: the Quantis biodiversity methodology (EN)

In this decade of action, the need for companies and organizations to drastically shift the way they grow, govern, produce and consume has never been clearer. Biodiversity is fundamental to long-term business continuity, food security, human health and ecosystem resilience. Yet biodiversity is in free-fall, driven by current production-consumption systems that rely so heavily on it. We have now exceeded the planetary boundary for biodiversity loss. Businesses that integrate biodiversity impacts into decision-making have an opportunity to future-proof their business and reverse the trend.

To enable companies to take meaningful action on this fast-evolving issue, Quantis has developed a holistic and innovative methodology for companies to measure and analyze the biodiversity impacts of their business. Based in life cycle assessment, Quantis Ecosystem AnalytiQs (QEA) enables the quantification and monitoring of company-driven biodiversity loss. It represents a major stepping stone to better assess value chain impacts on nature and may provide a strong foundation for developing effective biodiversity strategies.