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Science-based solutions for every stage of your transformation journey

It’s time to go beyond incremental change. We work alongside you to make the latest science actionable at every level of your organization.

Together, we’ll realize the best version of your business: successful, sustainable and prepared for the future.

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We assess sustainable business transformation

We assess

To form actionable strategies, you have to start with a solid diagnostic using the best available data and metrics. What is known? What is unknown?

Environmental risk assessments + footprinting + life-cycle assessment

To find the solution, we must first understand the problem.

With science as our compass, we assess the impacts of your business on nature. It’s this understanding that sets the foundation for the rest of the Transformation Journey.

Our environmental risk assessment + footprinting services

  • Product footprint (Life-cycle assessment)
  • Packaging footprint (LCA)
  • Corporate footprint
  • Agriculture + forest assessments
  • Environmental baseline analysis
  • Database development + management
  • Risk assessments for climate, water + biodiversity
  • Plastic leakage + pollution assessments
Environmental risk assessments + footprinting + Life-cycle assessment

Strategic insights + business case

Insights from both inside and outside your organization provide critical context for identifying the sustainability issues to prioritize. Through these insights we identify risks and opportunities, then translate them into a convincing business case for change that engages leadership and earns the buy-in necessary to continue on the Transformation Journey.

Our strategic insights + business case services

  • Materiality assessment
  • Sector + peer benchmarking
  • Business model analysis
  • Regulatory watch
  • Sustainability trends watch
  • Sustainability business case development
  • Senior management engagement + training
Strategic insights + business case
We plan sustainable business transformation

We plan

What’s your ambition, and how will you meet it? Setting clear, attainable objectives that are well-understood within the organization is a prerequisite to meeting them.

Strategic sustainability framework

Defining your sustainability ambition and areas of focus within a clear framework aligns your stakeholders on common goals. We use collaborative methods to co-build a clear, meaningful and inspiring strategy that embodies your vision for the future.

Our strategic sustainability framework services

  • Sustainability vision + ambition definition
  • Sustainability framework development
  • Integration of sustainability into your business strategy
  • Corporate sustainability narrative + communications strategy development
Strategic sustainability framework

Science-based goals + target setting

Smart goals and targets motivate your teams and drive long-term change. We guide you on establishing reduction goals and operational targets rooted in science to set your trajectory for operating within the boundaries of the planet.

Our science-based goals + target setting services

  • High-level goal setting
  • Target setting (adaptation + mitigation)
  • Guidance on insetting + offsetting targets
Science-based goals + target setting

Business + operating model design

To meet the challenge of the moment, business as usual must be anything but. Old business and operating models need to evolve into new, more sustainable ways of working. We work with your leadership team to design the target model, then create the necessary policies and structures to put it in place.

Our business + operating model design services

  • Business model design
  • Governance set up
  • Policy design
  • KPI development + task definition
  • Data improvement plans
  • Senior sustainability leadership guidance
Business + operating model design

Roadmap + innovation design

A clear, customized roadmap gets stakeholders across your organization and the value chain moving in sync toward your goals. It will guide your Transformation Journey, incubate innovation and alternative business models, and advance your ecodesign portfolio.

Our roadmap + innovation design services

  • Development of roadmaps for:
    > Reduction
    > Product innovation
    > Ecodesign
    > Implementation
  • Mitigation + adaptation strategy development
  • Incentive mechanisms guidance
  • Distribution channel & logistics strategy
Roadmap + innovation design
We transform sustainable business transformation

We transform

Sustainable transformation cannot be achieved by maintaining the status quo, but by executing initiatives that result in a measurable — and meaningful — positive environmental impact to operate within planetary boundaries.

Organizational engagement + tracking

Making change stick requires the involvement of stakeholders from all corners of your company. Our engagement programs equip them to put your sustainability roadmap into practice so that each decision they make contributes to reaching your goals.

We also help you measure your progress toward your transformation, report on it, and adapt as needed to achieve your targets.

Our organizational engagement + tracking services

  • Sustainability education + training programs
  • Internal communications plan development + rollout
  • Progress tracking at corporate level
  • Disclosure strategy + report development

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Organizational engagement + tracking

Supply chain activation

A successful sustainability transformation for your company depends on the successful transformation of your supply chain, which is where most environmental impacts occur. We help you activate your entire supply chain, from sourcing partners to distribution channels, and track changes on the ground at farm and forest level.

Our supply chain activation services

  • Supplier engagement + training
  • Value chain activation, tracking + incentives
  • Geospatial monitoring
Supply chain activation

Product portfolio transformation

Embedding sustainability and circularity into your product portfolio is no longer a nice-to-have — in many parts of the world, it’s becoming policy.

Our ecodesign tools like eQopack and extensive product footprint expertise support designers on your innovation and R+D teams in making smarter, more sustainable design decisions that reduce the impact of your product portfolio. We also work alongside your brand and product teams to carry out the transformation.

Our product portfolio transformation services

  • Product + brand portfolio transformation
  • Operating model implementation
  • Ecodesign implementation & guidance
  • Ecodesign tools (SPICEeQopack)

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Product portfolio transformation

Consumer engagement

While conscious consumerism is on the rise, guiding consumers toward more sustainable choices and incentivizing changes in their behavior will accelerate the transformation the planet needs.

We guide you on developing credible communications backed by science-based proof points to drive more sustainable consumer habits, building your brand and reputation along the way.

Our customer + consumer engagement services

  • Consumer information, education + engagement
  • Claims guidance
  • Marketing + sales team training
  • Sustainability-integrated brand positioning
  • Sustainability-focused marketing materials + claims
  • Labels + environmental scoring strategy
  • Distribution channels engagement

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Consumer engagement

Ecosystem stakeholder engagement

Shared challenges demand shared solutions. The scale of the challenges ahead call for collaboration across the ecosystem. Building on the momentum of your Transformation Journey and our years of experience leading consortia, we support you in creating lasting connections with external stakeholders — from partners to peers, investors to regulators — to advance sustainability beyond your organization.

Our ecosystem stakeholder engagement services

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Investor relations
  • NGO relationship-building + industry relations
  • Consortium building

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Ecosystem stakeholder engagement