European Outdoor Summit

Berlin, Germany • 28 Sep 2023 - 29 Sep 2023

The summit is held annually for around 300 delegates to learn more about and discuss the issues that the outdoor industry collectively face. The topics are always related to industry needs and focus on current and future economic, technical and social trends, to develop a theme and content that matters to this specific sub-sector, among Fashion and Sporting Goods.

Where you’ll find Quantis @EOS 2023

Philipp Meister
Fashion + Sporting Goods Lead

+ SESSION: How to square what’s circular
How to connect circularity to your sustainability strategy and measure it right

28 September 2023 / 11:40 – 12:05

The session aims at providing a concrete framework for integrating business and sustainability objectives in a circular strategy, highlighting opportunities related to both the broader ecosystem (eg. Regulator, Consumers, Market players) and the supply system, as to embrace digitalization and technological innovation along the entire value chain.

In the past years we have seen a lot of different circular initiatives being born with the intent to pilot new value propositions and grasp circular economy’s promised land of decoupling financial growth from resource use. However, in most cases brands struggle to understand how to connect these initiatives to their wider sustainability commitments and business strategies.

In the specific case of the outdoor industry, durability and repairability have been in great focus as intrinsically associated with the expected performance of products, with a less clear connection with how they can bring benefit to the company’s climate or nature-related targets.

On stage Quantis will be represented by Global Fashion and Sporting Goods Lead, Philipp Meister.

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