PETER - Danone’s web-based packaging ecodesign tool.

Danone is committed to improve the sustainability performance of its packaging.

Danone wants to empower sustainable design decisions by empowering their Packaging Designers with an ecodesign tool:

  • Offering a user-friendly interface that uses packaging-specific language
  • Based on indicators developed by the best science of sustainability
  • Fostering collective thinking and best practice sharing

Quantis’ solutions

  • Developed a customized webbased collaborative platform, available to 250+ packaging designers
  • Conducted sustainability assessments of packaging solutions with robust metrics including carbon and water footprints and recyclability
  • Compared different packaging options and defined solutions for improvement
  • Engaged uses with training workshops and a dynamic communication kit (leaflet, poster, video)

Areas of expertise


“Quantis strongly supported us to ensure a robust assessment tool for our packaging Ecodesign process. Towards sustainable packaging!”

Benoit Piette, Packaging Technology Manager 
Nature Danone 

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