Nature Solutions

Supporting companies on the road to a nature-positive world.

Nature is emerging as a critical focus for businesses, prompting a shift in corporate priorities. It’s the foundation for healthy, abundant and resilient natural resources and ecosystems, human well-being and economic vitality. Nature underpins our food security, industries, economies and quality of life by providing us with the raw materials for producing, consuming and thriving. More than half of the world’s GDP — an estimated $44 trillion — is moderately or highly dependent on nature and services it provides to our societies.

Understanding your company’s reliance and impacts on nature, and accelerating action to address them, is your chance to mitigate serious physical, regulatory, reputational and market risks. The following frameworks are designed to facilitate this: 

  • The Science Based Targets Network’s (SBTN) guidelines for science-based targets for nature, covering aspects like freshwater use and land use, provides a roadmap for companies.  
  • The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures’ (TNFD) recommendations and guidance for organizations to report and act on evolving nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities enable businesses to integrate nature into decision-making.  
  • The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) strengthens the rules concerning the social and environmental information that companies are required to report. 

Quantis guides companies on the road to a nature-positive world, leveraging these frameworks and beyond. Our modular approach meets you where you are and ushers you to the next stage of your nature journey.

Nature positive is emerging as a critical focus for businesses

How we set you up for success 

The road to a nature-positive world: A modular approach

Our modular approach is tailored to each client’s unique needs and level of maturity on the road to a nature-positive world.

0. Align with internal stakeholders 

Quantis supports clients to secure alignment on expectations and level of maturity of internal stakeholders on nature. Securing buy-in and alignment is strongly advised to set the project up for future success and ensure engagement. 

1. Prioritize sustainability hotspots for impactful change 

Discover the power of prioritization as we identify the most crucial impacts and dependencies on nature within your value chain. Our approach targets key sites and commodities, both locally and globally, enabling strategic goal setting for a sustainable future.

2. Undercover business value in risks + opportunities 

Explore the future landscape of your business with our tailored approach. We identify risks and opportunities by analyzing physical and transition exposures in prioritized locations. Transform uncertainties into strategic advantages and embark on a sustainable journey.

3. Set ambitious targets across corporate horizons  

Land use and land use change, as well as climate change, are among the greatest drivers of nature loss. To reverse the trend, business must address both through climate change mitigation and avoiding new degradation of land, reducing existing degradation, and restoring already degraded land. We work with you to set an integrated environmental sustainability strategy that addresses climate and land use/land use change, and biodiversity, water and plastics to help you operate within planetary boundaries.

4. Plan an action roadmap 

Navigate the path to sustainability by prioritizing, strengthening and expanding your action plan. We tailor our guidance so it’s applicable to all key stakeholders – from marketing to sourcing departments, the c-suite down to the site level. Our guidance framework—Avoid, Reduce, Restore & Regenerate, Transform—empowers stakeholders to drive impactful change. 

5. Implement sustainable transformation 

Accelerate your journey on the road to a nature-positive world. Our experts help you to engage and empower your supply chain, track progress rigorously and report with transparency, ensuring best-in-class standards are applied across business sites and supply sheds.

Nature integration: Overcoming business hurdles

The integration of nature into corporate strategies remains critical, yet underexplored. Despite the interconnectedness between climate and nature, many companies grapple with establishing holistic approaches. Companies that adopt integrated, nature-centric strategies stand not only to protect their operations, but also lead the business community towards responsible stewardship of our planet’s resources.

The road to a nature-positive world

We’re your full-service partner on your nature journey. Our strategic consultants, analysts, subject matter experts and communications advisors are equipped to guide you at every point along the way.

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