Context-based water stewardship keeps your business afloat.

Each of us has our own story with water, whether societal, economic, recreational or spiritual. Businesses depend on water for everything from agriculture to energy, processing to waste disposal, and as an ingredient in products themselves. And how they choose to manage this critical resource has a profound influence on local water availability and quality.

Competition for water is rising, and historical water trends are no longer reliable in the face of climate change. Even small disruptions in water supply can bring operations to a standstill.

Turning the tide on risk takes comprehensive water stewardship strategies that align your company with environmental sustainability, social equity and economic benefit in the context of the watershed around you.

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How we set you up for success

Know your water risks

Your company’s water risks are tied to a host of local factors, including regional water scarcity, regulatory changes and site-specific water quantity and quality requirements. We help you better understand these factors so you can better understand the costs and opportunities of effective water management.

Quantify the benefits of water stewardship

We co-developed a standardized, science-based methodology to implement your water stewardship activities, measure their value, and increase the likelihood of generating social, economic, and environmental benefits by solving shared water challenges.

Maintain your social license to operate

Water stewardship drives innovation within your walls by targeting more efficient water use onsite — but it doesn’t stop there. It also motivates collaboration with suppliers and local stakeholders to establish sustainable, equitable policies and investments across a catchment area that drive meaningful action.

Shift towards an integrated approach

Climate change is reshaping the future for water; high temperatures and more extreme, less predictable weather conditions will impact water availability and quality. Water plays a vital role in mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change, as well as preventing biodiversity loss. Our experts work alongside you to set an integrated environmental sustainability strategy that addresses climate, water, biodiversity, land use and plastics to help you align your operations with planetary boundaries and realize the best version of your business: successful, sustainable and prepared for the future.

The Transformation Journey

We’re your full-service partner for the journey. Our strategic consultants, LCA and risk analysts, subject matter experts and communications advisors are equipped to guide you at every point along the way.

Frequently asked questions

+ What are the major water risks faced by our business now and in the future?

Our experts help you identify and understand your biggest water risks and impacts across the value chain through water footprint and local risk assessments.

+ How do we prioritize sections of our value chain and water basins to focus on? How do we select the right partners to collaborate with to address water challenges?

We work with you to prioritize your water stewardship efforts to address key risks and impacts through local risk assessments and internal and external stakeholder engagement. With the insights gathered at each step in the process, our experts support you in developing a water ambition and strategy with robust contextual and science-based water targets that address shared water challenges in priority water basins for your business. We also develop action plans and KPIs to help you meet your targets and support you with reporting and communications.