Driving the shift from business as usual to business at its best

At Quantis, we’re redefining the rules of business to pave the way for a new economy aligned with planetary boundaries.

Society has fallen out of sync with nature. We’ve been operating within a system that prioritizes profit above the wellbeing of people and planet.  And right now, no one is winning. If there has ever been a moment for action, it’s now. 

Incremental change isn’t enough.  We must transform the way we grow, govern, produce and consume. By aligning business with nature, we can shape a better future for humanity, where people, planet and business thrive. 

Quantis is part of a global movement for systemic change. As a leading sustainability consultancy, we are pioneering approaches to solve critical environmental challenges. For nearly two decades, our dynamic and visionary team has partnered with organizations across the globe to transform their industries and shape a new, planetary economy that aligns business with nature. We guide companies on the transition from business as usual to business at its best.

At Quantis, we believe that sustainable transformation is possible and within our collective power. By combining the latest environmental science with strategic business knowledge, we advise business leaders on how to reduce their environmental impacts, engage with stakeholders to implement change, build resilience and successfully operate within planetary boundaries. 

Motivated by this common purpose, our team of talented professionals cultivates a collaborative, innovative and pragmatic culture that we call the Quantis Spirit. We are innovative. We are impact-oriented. We are science-driven. We are Quantis

Quantis: Sustainability Consultancy Sustainability Consultant Sustainability Consulting - Redefining the Rules of Business

What drives us

Science +

Science is our compass, pointing us towards true sustainability. We unlock science-driven transformation by leveraging the best available data and metrics to shape actionable strategies that weave sustainability into organizational DNA and align businesses’ operations with planetary boundaries.

Collaboration +

The challenges we face require a collective response to foster innovation and drive meaningful, rapid impact. We scale our impact by establishing industry-wide pre-competitive initiatives, engaging in pioneering research projects and bringing sustainability metrics to policymaking to accelerate and streamline solutions.

Optimism +

We believe that a planetary economy, where people, planet and business thrive, is within reach. Optimism fuels our daily commitment to driving progress. It creates the conditions for new ideas to thrive and triggers innovative approaches to problem-solving. It’s what makes us bold and allows us to go even further with our actions.

Innovation +

We don’t see planetary boundaries as barriers. We see them as building blocks for ingenuity, a launching point for unlocking new possibilities and designing the blueprints that will shape a thriving future for people and planet. And that’s why we believe it’s time to radically change the rules of play. Because to solve the greatest challenges of our time, we need to ditch the same line of thinking that created them.

Impact +

The stakes are high and the window of opportunity to take decisive action is closing fast. We challenge organizations to go beyond compliance and incremental changes to pursue what’s necessary. We use science to focus on what matters and where businesses can have the biggest impact. We work with organizations that are ready to go all in to reduce their environmental impacts and operate within planetary boundaries. We strive to generate a ripple effect across value chains and industries.

Systems change +

The challenges we face are complicated and interrelated; to solve them, we’ll need to examine and rethink the entire system. We work across the entire value chain and use systems thinking to root out the causes of complex problems, anticipate unintended consequences, challenge prevailing perspectives and assumptions and identify the areas where we can have the greatest impact.

People +

We believe that people are the critical element in building a more sustainable and just future for all. And everyone has something to contribute to this mission. The more brains, hearts and hands we have on board, the better equipped we’ll be to secure  it.

What makes Quantis different?

At Quantis, science is in our DNA

Sustainability isn’t just something we fell into. It’s what has driven us since day one. Since 2006, we’ve approached environmental sustainability with scientific integrity and a steadfast mindset of reimagining the relationship between business and nature.

Our story began in a lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)… A few smart individuals banded together to make life cycle assessment applicable for business. Their ambition: to drive real, meaningful change for industry by harnessing the best available environmental data and metrics.

Their mission sparked the interest of CIRAIG (International Reference Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services), a research group and center of expertise on sustainability and life cycle thinking based at Polytechnique Montréal, and soon the two teams joined forces.  Eventually, Quantis integrated the LCA research team of EMPA, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology.

We know, that’s a lot of acronyms. But mostly it’s a lot of like-minded experts concentrated in one place. Our scientific rigor and credibility come from this network of visionary LCA scientists, one that we maintain to this day.

But the story doesn’t end there. Over the years, we’ve continued to find new ways to innovate and amplify our impact. We’ve extended our expertise beyond assessment, bringing on board business and communications specialists, corporate sustainability and industry professionals, software engineers and environmental experts. Today,  we’re harnessing our metrics-based approach, environmental expertise and strategic business knowledge to transform companies and the corporate landscape as a whole.