Land + Agriculture

Natural climate solutions grounded in land, forests and soils leverage the power of nature to mitigate climate change, biodiversity loss, and water scarcity.

Together, agriculture and forestry account for nearly 27% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 80% of global deforestation, 70% of freshwater use, and 70% of terrestrial biodiversity loss. These environmental impacts will exacerbate the capacity of land and agriculture to not only produce today, but to provide for a resilient future for companies as well as humanity more broadly.

While land and agriculture serve as a major driver of environmental impacts, they also provide significant opportunities to improve and reverse detrimental effects, allowing the world to move towards operating within planetary boundaries. 

Our expertise in land and agriculture guides you on your path to better understand your impacts, identify opportunities for action, and strategically prioritize the interventions that help to reach your company’s sustainability goals.

natural climate solutions for sustainable land and sustainable agriculture

How we set you up for success

Work with nature

Quantis enables clients to embrace nature as a solution. Our experts support you in establishing an integrated environmental sustainability strategy that addresses climate, land use, water, and biodiversity. Our goal is to help clients map key risks, identify opportunities for improvement, set ambitious targets and goals, and put a transformational plan in place that will align operations with planetary boundaries and realize the best version of your business: successful, sustainable and prepared for the future.

Engage your suppliers

Certifications are only the start. To drive meaningful change, we support you in working closely with suppliers to benefit your company and build resilience across your supply chains through custom agricultural footprinting and targeted supply chain interventions that address environmental concerns across the entire ecosystem and allow for tracking progress over time.

Account for impacts + removals

Quantis has cleared the way for meaningful actions by incorporating nature into robust accounting frameworks to measure GHG emissions from land, forests and soils across supply chains, account for carbon sequestration in food systems and better understand land use change-related impacts.

Accounting for Natural Climate Solution: This robust scientific methodology that enables companies to measure GHG emissions from land, forests, and soils across supply chains. It’s a powerful resource recognized by Greenhouse Gas Protocol and SBT FLAG for unlocking the benefits of natural climate solutions like improved agricultural practices and eliminating deforestation that can be used to promote actions and track progress towards science-based climate targets.

Carbon sequestration: In addition to reducing emissions, natural and working lands will also have to serve as a significant source of carbon sequestration in soils and forests. Our experts, in collaboration with key partners, have developed pioneering methodologies for credibly accounting for carbon sequestration in dairy and perennial cropping systems.

Geospatial assessment: Our experts are now leveraging geospatial assessments to better understand land use change-related impacts in your company’s supply chain to guide decision-making and interventions to achieve zero deforestation and other climate-related commitments through enhanced monitoring and verification.

The Transformation Journey

We’re your full-service partner for the journey. Our strategic consultants, LCA analysts, subject matter experts and communications advisors are equipped to guide you at every point along the way.