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Sustainability has become a top priority and a key driver of product and business model innovation for leading cosmetics and personal companies as they look to navigate shifting stakeholder expectations and the challenges of an increasingly resource-constrained world. 

In this defining decade, brands will need to shift from being mere purveyors of products to champions of sustainable transformation and transparency.

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We understand key industry challenges

Supply chain engagement

Supporting suppliers in adopting sustainability best practices on climate, biodiversity and plastics can significantly reduce the impact of upstream activities.

Product portfolio transformation

To become sustainable businesses, brands must take action through their products. Transforming your product portfolio through the integration of ecodesign and circularity has the potential to drive significant impact reduction across the value chain.

Distribution channel engagement

Active participation from distributors is essential to enabling circular solutions like product refills and bulk, reducing and optimizing marketing materials, and driving change through professional organizations.

Consumer engagement

The use phase is responsible for 40% of the sector’s impact. Changes in consumer habits through a mix of information, education and incentivization can help you reach your targets and deliver on your sustainability commitments.

Digital transformation

As the industry embraces sustainable practices along the value chain, requirements for reliable data and transparency are rapidly increasing. Key players need to develop and integrate technology solutions that will help measure, track and report sustainability performance at scale. Managing data flows is becoming pivotal to ensure seamless integration and ethical practices.

5 key topics for the beauty industry in 2024

2024 is slated to be a pivotal year for the cosmetics and personal care industry, with pressure mounting for a shift from pledges to concrete sustainability action. Quantis has identified five key themes identified for the year ahead, including consumer engagement, ecodesign, new ingredients, the road to net zero, and nature pathways. From empowering consumers to make better choices, to integrating sustainable practices and assessing nature-related risks, the industry has clear areas in which to prioritize efforts for a brighter, more sustainable future of beauty.

How we can help

For nearly two decades, more than 50 leading cosmetics and personal care companies have chosen Quantis to guide them on the journey towards sustainable business transformation and operating within planetary boundaries.

We work together to set ambitious goals, deploy effective and meaningful strategies, measure and monitor progress, and foster collaboration among industry players through pre-competitive initiatives.

+ Accelerate and institutionalize sustainable innovation

By collaborating with your brand to integrate ecodesign into your products and packaging, we help you meet growing consumer demand for greater transparency about the environmental impacts of your products.

+ Develop science-based strategies and roadmaps beyond climate

Companies that work solely on carbon are missing out on major opportunities to make real progress on their sustainability strategies. We work with you to set ambitious actions on biodiversity, water, land-use change, plastics and ecotoxicity in order to avoid impact transfer and align your business with planetary boundaries.

+ Brand story communication

Credible communications are essential to driving sustainable change. Our experts partner with you to shape credible, authentic and relevant brand communications that resonate with your consumers and stakeholders and steer clear of greenwashing.

+ Activate and transform your supply chain

We work closely with your company to ensure that efforts and resources are focused on addressing the most relevant impacts and making meaningful strides towards the larger strategy.

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