Other Sectors

Our expertise in the FMCG sectors also extends deep into their value chains, where a considerable portion of their environmental impacts lie. How products are created, stored, shipped, sold and regulated, as well as the systems that enable the whole product life cycle are all critical drivers in the big picture of environmental impact. From the first seeding to the last mile, Quantis has the expertise to guide companies in a range of industries. 


The agriculture industry is central to our value chain approach, and to put no finer point on it, central to humanity. Yet, the very thing that sustains us is also a major driver of climate change, water scarcity, land-use change, soil degradation and biodiversity loss, threatening the ecosystems on which the sector depends. Quantis has been guiding the agricultural sector to develop and reach its sustainability goals since our beginning and it’s an area of continued focus.

sustainable chemicals


From tackling climate change and eliminating plastic waste to enabling a circular economy for fashion and ensuring a secure food system, the chemical industry has a vital role to play in addressing the environmental challenges of our time. That’s why we’ve grown our chemical expertise considerably in the past few years. Our experts can help you create and capture value in new and innovative ways and support the transformation of the industries you serve.

sustainable construction + materials

Construction + Materials

In terms of environmental impact, how we build the spaces we occupy in our personal and professional lives is as important as the materials we build them with. According to the UN, buildings account for 38% of all energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019. Yet, the construction industry has access to considerable innovation and ample opportunities to pair down its level of waste. Quantis can help you rethink what’s possible and ensure that your business — and the industry as a whole — are built for the future.

sustainable finance


Through its allocation of capital, the Financial Services sector holds a key strategic lever to advance sustainability transformation across many sectors. Quantis is uniquely poised as a strategic advisor to assess, plan, and transform future and existing portfolio companies for maximum impact. With our strong track record in this area, our experts achieve the right insight, strategies, methodologies, and tools in place to successfully navigate the complex sustainability transition in Finance.

sustainable government

Government + Public Sector

Quantis has a rich history of guiding the public sector and governments in their creation of initiatives and frameworks, informed by the latest science and the most actionable data. We help advise governmental agencies in their pursuit of shaping informed, responsible policies that are crucial to operating within planetary boundaries. We also help organizations, such as NGOs, set standards and drive home the message that “business as usual” cannot address the environmental crisis we currently face.

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Information Communication Technology

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is central to commerce and our lives; it’s profoundly changed the way people live, work and communicate. Recent advances in Blockchain, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) have created a dynamic and complex series of trade-offs in every industry’s value chain. In ICT, small choices can snowball into a lasting impact. Quantis has extensive experience partnering with some of the most renowned, and transformational,  brands in the sector.