Tap into the science and creativity you need to meaningfully address the plastics in your value chain.

The highly visible effects of the plastics crisis have made plastic pollution a hot-button issue for consumers and a major risk for brands. New research is showing the impacts of plastics on biodiversity, human health, water and climate change. Consumers and investors expect businesses to take action and are willing to cut ties with those that fail to do so.

Reimagining your relationship with plastic through an integrated, science-based plastics strategy minimizes risk, drives innovation and creates a measurable impact.

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How we set you up for success

Leverage the latest science

Over the last 15 years, we’ve co-developed the leading methodology to measure and map plastic leakage and inform ecodesign of products — including apparel, created a tool to design environmental impacts out of packaging, and contributed to many other collaborative initiatives to advance corporate plastic stewardship. Our team of experts supports you in moving from assessment to action by transforming science-driven data and insights into effective plastics strategies and reduction roadmaps that align with your overall sustainability strategy.

Activate circularity

The circular economy creates value by transforming waste into resources, mitigating the risks of a linear business model and improving resilience by reducing dependence on primary materials.

We work with you on your unique path to circularity, including integrating ecodesign across your product portfolio.

Best-available data

Our tight-knit partnership with globally recognized plastic pollution research consultancy EA means the latest plastics science is always at your fingertips.

The Transformation Journey

We’re your full-service partner for the journey. Our strategic consultants, LCA analysts, subject matter experts and communications advisors are equipped to guide you at every point along the way.

Frequently asked questions

+ What data do we need?

The first step in building a robust plastics strategy is to evaluate your plastic footprint across the value chain. Quantis supports corporate- and product-level assessments through comparative life cycle assessments, circularity assessments, plastic leakage assessments and plastic footprints. Plastic footprints are powered by the Plastic Leak Project Guidelines. Through these methodologies, we’ll identify your plastic “hotspots” and prioritize action, avoiding trade-offs between one environmental impact and another.