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Cutting-edge IT solutions to operationalize sustainable transformation

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Backed by our deep environmental expertise and strategic business knowledge, our digital tools and solutions can help you put your sustainability strategy into action by making environmental metrics accessible — and meaningful — to key business functions, including packaging, R&D, procurement and marketing teams.

How we can help 

Transformation happens when sustainability is embedded into key business functions and practices.  

But for many companies, scaling sustainability across business processes and putting commitments into action are major challenges.  

Quantis offers a unique combination of consulting, data and digital tools that not only makes the process of environmental footprinting simple, but puts insights into context for R&D, procurement, packaging and marketing teams, empowering employees outside the sustainability team to take ownership of your company’s sustainability commitments. 

Armed with the right knowledge, teams can make informed decisions that bring you closer to your goals, mitigate risk and help your company adapt to a changing landscape. 

Our digitalization services

Environmental  footprint digitalization

Quantis Digital Solutions empowers companies to centralize and utilize sustainability data for better decision-making, transparency, and innovation. Through tools like eQosphere and eQopack, along with strategic consulting and technical guidance, Quantis supports organizations in streamlining environmental footprinting, accessing industry-leading databases, and integrating company-specific emission factors. With a tool-agnostic approach and comprehensive support throughout the implementation process, Quantis helps companies navigate the complex landscape of sustainability data, driving meaningful change and long-term cost reductions in their sustainable digital transformation journey.

Our digital products



Understanding your emission factors is crucial, whether you aim to identify hotspots in your product or corporate footprint, prioritize actions and estimate potential improvements, quantify your FLAG contribution and set your science-based targets, or track progress from your interventions. eQosphere is a master data management system that ensures you can navigate the complexities of emission factors in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

eqopack - a packaging assessment tool by Quantis


Bringing together the latest environmental science with digital expertise, eQopack is our innovative ecodesign tool that puts sustainability at the heart of the packaging development process. With 17 different environmental categories, 8 packaging design indicators and 70+ material profiles, eQopack helps designers get to the heart of their hotspots and assess alternatives in just a few clicks — regardless of their level of expertise 

Sustainable Packaging Coalition - SPICE: The Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics


Co-developed with L’Oréal and 35 leading beauty companies and based on the comprehensive and science-driven SPICE Methodology, the SPICE Tool enables cosmetics and personal care companies to embed ecodesign into the packaging development process. Intuitive and powerful, it allows packaging designers to assess a pack’s performance across each life-cycle stage, model sustainable packaging scenarios, and make informed, science-based decisions.