Make your climate strategy your exit strategy from business as usual.

For a livable future, we must halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 and reduce them to net zero by 2050. Integrated climate strategies and business model transformation are the only way forward for solving the climate crisis — and thriving — decades down the road.

We provide you with insights, guidance and support to activate the change that builds your company’s climate resilience and benefits the planet.

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How we set you up for success

Leverage the latest science

Your climate strategy is built upon robust metrics and the latest climate intelligence, ensuring credibility and stretching beyond climate to include water, land use, biodiversity and more.

Focus your resources

Ours is not a one-size-fits all approach. Prioritizing absolute reduction opportunities, we zero in on your hotspots and build your unique business case for the transformation ahead so your resources go to where they’ll yield the greatest benefits.

Be best in class

We help you define bold, science-based targets that get consumer’s attention, inspire investor confidence and motivate your teams — bolstering your brand while making real impact.

Shift towards an integrated approach

Our experts work alongside you to set an integrated environmental sustainability strategy that addresses climate, water, biodiversity, land use and plastics to help you avoid impact shifting, align your operations with planetary boundaries and realize the best version of your business: successful, sustainable and prepared for the future.

The Transformation Journey

We’re your full-service partner for the journey. Our strategic consultants, LCA analysts, subject matter experts and communications advisors are equipped to guide you at every point along the way.

Frequently asked questions

+ How do we set the right level of ambition for our company’s climate strategy?

All companies are different and a climate strategy should reflect that. Quantis walks you through what makes sense for your business by leading interactive workshops to engage your stakeholders around the latest science and guidance. Together, we explore different strategy options, what they mean and the potential avenues to reach them. You leave the workshop with alignment on the ambition your company is aiming for and the steps to get there.

+ How do we build the business case for climate?

Building the business case starts with understanding your current impacts, opportunities and threats. Our insights work, such as materiality assessments, market trends analysis and peer benchmarking, sets your sustainability efforts in the larger context of stakeholder and industry expectations. We can clearly identify threats and opportunities for your business while helping you prioritize the initiatives that make the most sense (and the greatest positive impact) for your company.

+ What data do we need?

Our tailored approach meets you where you are. We’ll use leading sustainability reporting frameworks and your specific business needs to identify the data that you need. We’ll always start with the essentials, like identifying the sources of your emissions and evaluating which topics your stakeholders prioritize. The valuable insights gathered from this process lay the groundwork for setting science-based goals and gaining stakeholder support.

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