Collaborative Initiatives

In collaboration comes the potential for real transformation.

The challenges we face require a collective response to foster innovation and drive meaningful, rapid impact. By collaborating with their peers to tackle shared sustainability challenges, businesses have an opportunity to lead their industry forward.

We scale our impact by establishing industry-wide pre-competitive initiatives, engaging in pioneering research projects and bringing sustainability metrics to policymaking to accelerate and streamline solutions and drive systemic change.

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We know our sectors

SPICE  (Cosmetics)

The Sustainable Packaging Initiative for CosmEtics — SPICE — is an initiative that brings together organizations in the cosmetics industry to work towards a common goal: to collectively shape the future of sustainable packaging.

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NECi (Finance)

The NEC initiative is collective platform to jointly build, update, disseminate and apply the financial NEC metric. The initiative will help to guide sustainable investing, to drive the economic transition and to meet guidelines & expectations.

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NCS Guidance (Land+ag)

The Accounting for Natural Climate Solutions Guidance provides a robust methodology to effectively measure GHG emissions from land, forests, and soils across the supply chain to be embedded in corporate and product footprints, which can be used for science-based climate target setting efforts.

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PAIA is an easy-to-use web-based platform that delivers the environmental footprint of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) products. It is the fruit of a collaboration between MIT and Quantis to deliver on 3 key components: a streamlined methodology for ICT product footprinting, a suite of simplified online tools, and a consortium of ICT companies.

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PEF (Apparel)

Europe is getting closer to a solution for transparency in fashion — and Quantis is laying out the approach for apparel and footwear companies to meet expectations.

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PLP (Plastics)

The Plastic Leak Project takes an in-depth look at the circular plastics economy, assesses the knowledge gap, and finds, compares and develops relevant solutions in a collaborative approach to fix the larger issue.

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WALDB (Apparel)

The World Apparel and Footwear Life Cycle Assessment Database was founded by Quantis alongside a pre-competitive consortium to deliver robust data for environmental impact assessment and footprinting.

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WFLDB (Food+bev)

The World Food LCA Database provides players across the agri-food value chain with high-quality emissions factors and environmental footprint data to help them better understand the impacts of their products and bolster decision-making.

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