Nature is everyone’s business.

Biodiversity is fundamental to long-term business continuity and resilience. Companies that integrate biodiversity impacts into decision-making have an opportunity to future-proof their business and reverse the trend of biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity is the foundation of healthy, abundant and resilient natural resources and ecosystems, human well-being and economic vitality. It underpins our food security, industries, economies and quality of life by providing us with the raw materials for producing, consuming and enjoying. More than half of the world’s GDP — an estimated $44 trillion — is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services. 

Every species counts — even small losses in biodiversity can have a damaging ripple effect across an ecosystem. Today, biodiversity is in free-fall, driven by the production-consumption systems that depend so heavily on it. By 2050, nature loss in a business-as-usual scenario will have cost the world economy $10 trillion USD and significantly disrupted business operations across sectors.

Understanding your company’s reliance and impact on biodiversity is your chance to mitigate serious physical, regulatory, reputational and market risks.

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How we set you up for success

Assess impacts with action in mind

Our experts deliver scientific insights into your impacts and dependencies on nature, using a variety of tools, such as Ecosystem AnalytiQs, an innovative methodology developed by Quantis to quantify and monitor the complex challenge of business-driven biodiversity loss. The resulting insights pave the way for a metrics-driven strategy and a clear plan of action.

Foster teamwork to solve biodiversity challenges

Resilience in a changing world requires integrating biodiversity into everyday decision-making, which means onboarding your internal stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities. We leverage game-based learning to train your team and establish a shared understanding of biodiversity’s role in your value chain.

Set an integrated environmental strategy to turn risks into opportunities

Land use and climate change are among the greatest drivers of biodiversity loss. To reverse nature loss, business must address both, through climate change mitigation and avoiding new degradation of land, reducing existing degradation, and restoring already degraded land. We work with you to set an integrated environmental sustainability strategy that addresses climate, land use, biodiversity, water and plastics to help you operate within planetary boundaries and realize the best version of your business.

The Transformation Journey

We’re your full-service partner for the journey. Our strategic consultants, LCA analysts, subject matter experts and communications advisors are equipped to guide you at every point along the way.

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