Del Monte Foods, Inc.

Using the sustainability report as foundation for building brand credibility and creating social media buzz

Del Monte and Quantis teamed up to develop a visually engaging GRI-referenced sustainability report to share the company’s sustainability strategy, goals and progress. The report became the cornerstone of a larger communications strategy to build strong brand perception.

Del Monte


Del Monte Foods, one of the largest producers of packaged vegetables, fruit and tomatoes in the US, has been working on sustainability initiatives along its supply chain and with communities and employees for many years. Until 2018, however, the company had never published a dedicated Sustainability Report.

After working with Quantis to conduct a materiality assessment and develop a sustainability strategy focusing on key material topics, Del Monte sought to share its strategy, goals and progress in a GRI-referenced sustainability report.


Ambitious sustainability strategies need strong communications strategies, and vice versa. Establishing a common verbal and visual language is an important step in achieving cohesiveness and ensuring that the sustainability strategy is adopted on a company-wide scale.

To strengthen Del Monte’s overall sustainability strategy, Quantis focused on four main pillars to enhance the understanding and communication of the key messages.

These four pillars aligned with Del Monte’s most material topics as well as its sustainability strategy, providing a platform for sharing the brands’ sustainability stories.


Quantis gathered a multi-disciplinary team including a graphic designer, editor, communications strategist and sustainability consultant to develop Del Monte Foods’ first complete GRI-referenced sustainability report.

Together, Quantis and Del Monte designed a series of infographics to illustrate key elements of the sustainability story as well as share bite-size messages on the Del Monte Foods website and social media channels.

Quantis also developed a report launch plan and press release to ensure the report received the attention it deserved from media and key audiences such as growers, partners and investors.


Through the combined efforts of  Del Monte Foods, its public relations firm and Quantis, the report received over 200 placements and 62 million impressions.

The report also set a new visual standard upon which the website and other communications will be based.

Lessons Learned 

It is never too late to develop your sustainability strategy and share your story with stakeholders. In fact, by sharing true stories about environmental initiatives, companies can build strong, credible brand perception and generate buy-in. To effectively engage stakeholders, companies must be strategic about how they communicate, using an audience-specific approach and a range of communications channels and tactics that are visually engaging.

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“Quantis possesses a unique blend of providing both communications and sustainability strategy expertise and vision to our report and strategy. This combination proved to be invaluable in curating and enhancing our report’s design and content while considering our current and future sustainability evolution.”

Robin Connell, Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Sustainability
Del Monte Foods, Inc.

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