Life cycle management training workshop Evonik.


Develop a Sustainability Training Workshop for Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH:

  • Engage employees in sustainability topics and Life Cycle Management using a non-traditional format.
  • Explore employees’ level of understanding of Life Cycle Thinking and environmental topics related to Evonik’s business.
  • Identify the requirements on sustainability topics and LCA.
  • Understand participant’s knowledge about products and services of Evonik Animal Nutrition in combination with sustainability related issues.

Quantis’ Solution

  • Customizing the Quantis Life Cycle Perception Board Game for a selected LCA study
  • Based on the customized game develop an entire workshop concept in close cooperation with an internal Evonik project team.
  • Facilitating a testing session of the workshop and providing a comprehensive instruction manual for the workshop.
  • Create a business case for Life Cycle Management by allocation of Evonik Animal Nutrition Services to Life Cycle Stages allowing for addressing specific clients needs.

Response from workshop participants

  • “I got a good overview on life cycle assessments. I really enjoyed the transfer exercises!”
  • “The contribution of the impact categories on life cycle stages was an eye opener for me, I was astonished about the impacts.”
  • “I liked the format! It keeps one interested and motivated.”

Client’s actions

The workshop module will be used in Evonik Sales Training. Life Cycle Perception Game will support and guide customer activities on sustainability.

The workshop allowed participants to:

  • Speak a common language when discussing sustainability and environmental performance.
  • Get insight into how Evonik identifies environmental hot spots in a product’s value chain.
  • Identify key questions to consider when talking to customers about Evonik’s products and services.
  • Promote and use Evonik-related sustainability tools and services and understand the broader concepts which are behind them.

Areas of expertise


“The developed workshop together with the Life Cycle Perception Game supports us in improving the know-how of our sales colleagues. Our organization is getting a kick-start in diving into the topics of Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Management.”

Viktoria Scherer, Manager Sustainability Development 
Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

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