GORE-TEX (The Gore Fabrics Division)

Developing and sharing concrete, measurable carbon goals for the GORE-TEX brand, from carbon footprint to goal setting, internal engagement and external communications

Quantis guided the Gore Fabrics Division, makers of GORE-TEX products, throughout its entire carbon goal journey, from calculating full carbon footprint to setting carbon reduction targets and ultimately sharing its goals through a communications campaign. To ensure success, Quantis supported the design and implementation of an internal engagement program, training hundreds of team members on sustainability and carbon goals.


As one of the most well-known and loved “ingredient brands” operating in the global outdoor sports and apparel segment, the GORE-TEX brand occupies a leadership position. With global carbon emissions rising and pressure increasing for the sector to take clear actions to reduce their climate impact, the Gore Fabrics Division aspired to develop  strong and ambitious carbon goals. As a company deeply rooted in science, Gore sought a partner who could guide them using a science-based methodology to understand their impacts, set ambitious targets and effectively communicate them in a credible way.


To succeed, the project required a unique combination of left brain scientific knowledge and right brain creativity and “soft skills” to clearly define climate targets and effectively communicate them. With our expertise on climate strategy, strong scientific rigor and communications and engagement skills, coupled with our extensive experience in both the apparel and chemical sectors, Quantis was the ideal partner for this project.


Quantis set-up a cross-functional team to support the Gore Fabrics Division along their entire journey. We started with a complete carbon footprint/baseline calculation, then worked with the core Gore project team to set ambitious goals and develop an action area roadmap. Finally, we assisted Gore in shaping a compelling story to share with leadership. Quantis then supported the development of an internal and external communications plan to ensure Gore would get the visibility and engagement needed for success. Working over a period of six months, Quantis created a suite of communications materials that included infographics, an intro PDF and a video. Quantis also helped develop an internal engagement program and conducted more than 15 virtual workshops to train over 300 team members using a custom-designed, interactive game.


As a result of this project, the Gore Fabrics Division set ambitious, science-based goals for carbon reduction across all scopes. They have clearly shared their goals both internally and externally, receiving very positive feedback from the industry, customers and employees. The trainings have been very well-received with positive feedback and increased awareness on the actions and positive contribution each employee can have to contribute to the achievement of the company’s carbon goals.

Lesson Learned

This project provides a great road-map for other companies embarking on their carbon goals journey and highlights key elements for success: a diverse project team with insights from across the company, access to critical data and alignment on appropriate levels of data accuracy, translating climate science into concrete corporate actions, and communicating new, complex information to employees and leadership in an easy-to-understand way that makes the information actionable.

Areas of expertise


Project Manager

Dominik Müller
Senior Sustainability Consultant

“Quantis did a great job in helping us work our way through the data and getting the message out to our teams and partners in the marketplace. We are in a very different place now and are looking forward to contributing our share to prevent dangerous climate change!”

Markus Wieser, Sustainability Strategy
The Gore Fabrics Division

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