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Shaping a Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy for Pagani Pens

A global supplier of customized, design-oriented writing instruments, Swiss brand Prodir has embarked on a sustainability journey to reduce its environmental impact, teaming up with Quantis to shape and implement a 360-degree sustainability strategy that aligns with its mission of respect for its employees and the environment.


Pagani Pens, and specifically its Prodir brand, made its commitment to tackle global environmental issues years ago and decided it was time to establish a coordinated initiative to identify and address sustainability priorities, improve the environmental performance of its products, and engage stakeholders on key sustainability topics to put them on a common path.

A corporate footprint is a useful tool to identify the most important sources of impact across a company’s entire value chain. For many businesses, the majority of their environmental impacts are found within the supply chain. This methodology gives companies a complete view of their business operations to identify the main environmental hotspots.

But science is not enough to drive change: the scientific results need to be paired  with creativity to find innovative strategies to improve business operations and reduce the overall environmental impact.


Pagani Pens (owner of the Prodir brand) and Quantis worked together to obtain a holistic view of the impacts from the company’s business operations, at both the corporate and portfolio levels, and used this information to shape a comprehensive sustainability strategy and identify ways to communicate this strategy to stakeholders in an engaging way.

The project included the following steps:

  • Corporate Footprint: during the first phase of the project, Prodir’s Corporate Footprint was calculated following the methodology proposed by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Portfolio Footprinting Tool: The second level of analysis focused on the environmental impact of the various products in the Prodir portfolio. To provide a complete and interactive view of the impacts, Quantis and Prodir worked together to develop a software tool to independently and efficiently assess the footprint of the brand’s most representative products.
  • Workshops: The results obtained in the project’s previous phases were presented internallyin a series of workshops with employees to boost engagement and awareness, and align internal teams on the company’s sustainability journey. The workshops were highly interactive thanks to the use of The Life Cycle Perception Game, which was tailored to the specificities of Prodir’s business.
    Three additional workshops were also organized by Quantis to focus on Eco-design, Communication and Strategy.
  • Sustainability RoadMap: The insights resulting from the workshops around product eco-design, corporate strategy and communication were used to create a sustainability roadmap for Pagani Pens to reduce its carbon footprint and address other key impacts.


The project allowed Prodir and Pagani Pens to identify the main environmental hotspots related to business activities and product materials, while also helping to create a greater level of internal engagement and awareness around the brand’s sustainability strategy, enforcing their efforts to set themselves as an example for the sector.

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Project Manager

Simone Pedrazzini
Director – Italy

“We want to make sure that our good intentions become real and tangible. The expertise and vision of Quantis continues to be of great support for us in our mission to turn this objective into a 360-degree strategy with effective, concrete and measurable action.”

Eckhard Sohns, Co-Director
Pagani Pens SA

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