Dimitri Caudrelier becomes CEO + reinforces crew

2020 has turned out to be a landmark year in ways many of us could not have predicted. But at Quantis, we’re as determined as ever to make 2020 the year that kicks off the Decade of Change, critical for putting the world on a more sustainable trajectory. We’re making some exciting changes that will usher in a new era for Quantis and bolster our potential to drive sustainable impact on a global scale. 

We’re thrilled to share that Dimitri Caudrelier is taking the helm as CEO of Quantis, transitioning into the role occupied by Emmanuelle Aoustin for the past six years. Dimitri has most recently served as the Director of Quantis France and has been a dedicated Quantisian for the last 11 years. With his vibrant energy, robust sustainability expertise and strong leadership, Dimitri is the ideal captain for this exciting new chapter.

Quantis Announces New CEO

“Quantis has been on an incredible journey, progressing alongside the integration of sustainability into and across businesses. I’m pleased that Dimitri has accepted to take Quantis to the next level. Most importantly, Dimitri is admired for his sincerity and compassion as a leader, one who exemplifies the mission of Quantis. He’s a visionary thinker with a sharp understanding of how businesses can tackle the biggest challenge of our time.”

Manuele Margni, Quantis Chairman of the Board

Dimitri joined our team of creative geeks in Lausanne in 2009 and has proven himself as a sustainability analyst, consultant and then Director of Quantis France. His embodiment of the Quantis Spirit and his passion for sustainability is matched only by an avid enthusiasm for sailing. Shortly after joining Quantis, Dimitri led an expedition around the globe to raise awareness for the environment. The tour took him to 21 countries in over 21 months, and inspired the creation of his book, “100 pionniers pour la planète” (100 Pioneers for the Planet).

“I’m honored to lead our entire team and our mission at Quantis. We have achieved great transformation over the past years with Emmanuelle and I look forward to bringing a fresh new dynamic and vision to our people and the work we do. I’ve always been energized by connections — connecting great people or even connecting problems with solutions so we can make a bigger impact at Quantis to build a sustainable future,” explains Dimitri. 

“It’s not the moment to slow down on sustainability. 2020 is not canceled. It can still be the year that opens up the decade of change. Together, we must design a new world, one where businesses operate within our planet’s boundaries and elevate our social fabric,” he adds.

Strengthening our crew

We’ve also been busy strengthening our crew to prepare for the decade of change that lies ahead. Since the start of the year, we’ve added some great new talents to our Consulting, Talent, Administration & Finance, Communication & Engagement Services, Marketing and Digital Solutions teams.

To support Dimitri in taking Quantis’ ambition and mission to the next level, we have filled and shifted some key strategic roles across the Quantis ecosystem.

Anne Désérable will step into the role of Director, Quantis France to lead our Paris-based team. Stateside, Sarah Beaubien will transition from Head of Western US to Director, Quantis US, replacing Bryan Sheehan, and will welcome five new Quantisians to reinforce our presence in the US. In Berlin, we’re thrilled to welcome Ivo Mersiowsky as Director, Quantis Germany.

We’ve also created new roles, headed up by senior consultants within Quantis, to bolster our global services and further our impact. We couldn’t be happier to have Annabelle Stamm as Director, Client Relations, Charlotte Bande as Global Head of Climate Strategy, and Gregory Simonnin leading Quantis’ Corporate Footprint Services

On behalf of all Quantis, we thank those who will be pursuing other professional adventures: Emmanuelle Aoustin for her leadership and commitment during a critical time of transformation at Quantis and for Bryan Sheehan for both his integrity and impact  at Quantis US. See the press release for more thoughts from these Quantis alumni. 

It’s an exciting time at Quantis. With a strong crew and new captain, we’re ready to navigate and lead the way toward a more resilient future.

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