New global standard for emission avoidance: 9 financial leaders choose Quantis to build the database

Quantis is thrilled to support the creation of a global standard for evaluating avoided emissions, a pivotal initiative tailored for the financial sector in the transition to sustainable practices. While current emissions data focuses on direct and estimated indirect emissions, a standardized database for emission avoidance factors will provide a comprehensive framework for assessing contributions and comparing sustainable solutions.

This initiative is significant for economic players, offering transparency and comparability in estimating emissions avoided by financed activities. The database, built by Quantis and I Care by Bearing Point, initially covering 80 low-carbon solutions, aims to create approximately 9,600 distinct avoidance factors by Q4 2024, providing detailed information on functional units, carbon footprints, reference scenarios, solution lifespans, time value of carbon, and rebound effects. This standardized and transparent database is poised to facilitate precise calculations, comparisons, and audits of emissions avoided by companies and projects, thereby influencing the redirection of financial resources toward assets promoting decarbonization.

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