If Nestlé wants to reach net zero, farming has to change

CNBC International | Quantis’ Daniel Baertschi was invited to share insights on regenerative agriculture as part of a CNBC report on Nestlé‘s plans to promote a new approach to farming to reach its net zero goals. In the interview, Daniel explains the benefits of a regenerative system: “We need to find ways to mainstream a positive agricultural system — and regenerative agriculture is exactly the system that allows every farmer to make progress starting from where they’re at.”

With agriculture responsible for up to a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions, many companies are looking to regenerative agriculture as a key piece of the sustainability transformation. Daniel points out that, while commitments to this model are a positive indicator that companies are recognizing the need for a deep shift, the real work starts now: “There is a lot of interest for regenerative agriculture from corporates like Nestlé and others and that’s a good sign. It doesn’t mean it’s already done — it’s a long journey.” Discover the full report to hear Daniel’s perspective, alongside Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider and Head of Sustainable Agriculture, Pascal Chapot.

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