Introducing the SPICE Primer

SPICE’s mission to collectively shape the future of sustainable packaging for cosmetics continues…

To keep up momentum and bring more cosmetics players on board as we enter the initiative’s third year, SPICE co-founders Quantis and L’Oréal have created a summary document presenting SPICE. The SPICE Primer offers an overview of the initiative’s ambition, scope of work and the value it brings to the cosmetics industry. We created the Primer to provide existing and potential members with a resource to help internal teams understand SPICE’s mission, foster engagement and build a robust business case for action.


"Quantis is honored to co-lead SPICE and guide major players in the cosmetics industry on this ambitious journey. Packaging is an important lever for cosmetics sustainability strategies and we know we will go farther, faster together. SPICE is developing the knowledge, frameworks and tools companies need to make resilient decisions — and we’re just getting started!"

Dimitri Caudrelier, CEO of Quantis

Shaping a sustainable future for cosmetics

SPICE is working collectively to make significant progress in different areas:

  1. Comprehensive and scientific footprinting methodology
  2. Proof of concept through case studies
  3. User-friendly eco-design tool for decision-making 
  4. Multi-indicator and sector-specific environmental database
  5. Environmental claims guidance for credible communications 

In 2018, L’Oréal and Quantis launched SPICE, a pre-competitive initiative that now includes 24 global cosmetics brands and organizations along the packaging value chain. Together, SPICE members co-create methodologies and tools to drive the future of sustainable packaging for cosmetics.

In 2019, SPICE delivered a comprehensive, science-driven, publicly-available methodology for assessing the environmental impact of cosmetics packaging across a product’s life cycle. This methodology empowers teams in cosmetics companies to accelerate sustainable transformation by producing relevant and robust environmental footprints. 

In 2020, the Initiative is developing a tool to evaluate the environmental impact of packaging. The tool will be unveiled in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more!

Quantis Team

Want to learn more about the Initiative and how to get involved? Contact Camille Rosay.

Camille Rosay
Senior Sustainability Consultant

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