Quantis @ ChangeNOW: biodiversity, sustainable agriculture + responsible beauty

Quantis took the virtual stage at ChangeNOW last month — the world’s biggest event for the planet. This year’s edition brought together thousands of business leaders, innovators and changemakers for a three-day summit spotlighting the most promising solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. Didn’t have the chance to attend? Missed out on our sessions? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a recap and links to watch the complete sessions below.

ChangeNOW: biodiversity, sustainable agriculture + responsible beauty

Watch Quantis’ sessions for insights on biodiversity decision-making in business, sustainable agriculture for ambitious climate strategy and what it means to be a sustainable beauty business.

1+ The missing link of biodiversity: how to integrate nature into decision making >> WORKSHOP

Quantis Global Biodiversity Solutions & Strategy Lead, Edith Martin, and Absolute Sustainability Advisor, Marcial Vargas, held a workshop on integrating biodiversity impacts into decision-making for business resilience and long-term continuity. Despite big ambitions, most companies’ biodiversity initiatives are falling short, with a wide gap between targets and current progress. Edith and Marcial explored how to create effective strategies and action plans, starting with a comprehensive biodiversity impact assessment, for a science-based approach to tackling nature loss across value chains.

2+ Sustainable agriculture, the new frontier for an ambitious climate strategy in the food industry? >> WORKSHOP

To secure a thriving future for people and planet, we need to halve global GHG emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Transformation of the food system is one of the strongest levers we have to reach these goals, and sustainable agriculture has a key role to play. Many food companies have made ambitious commitments, yet walking the talk on climate can be tough. Why is reducing the impact of food systems so difficult? The challenges — from reducing food waste, to dietary changes and optimizing the way we produce — are complex. Quantis’ Isabelle de Morand, France Food & Agriculture Lead, and Paul Spitzmuller, Sustainability Consultant, dug into regenerative agriculture and other solutions to contribute to solving the climate crisis.

3+ Responsibly beautiful, moderated by Quantis’ Marcial Vargas >> KEYNOTE

What does being a responsible beauty brand look like? Our very own Marcial Vargas was joined by leaders from pioneering brands — Justine Hutteau (co-founder of Respire), Claire Viano (Managing Director France-Benelux, Melvita), Arnaud Lancelot (Co-founder, Cozie) and Anne Wonner (Estampe) — to explore what it means to put sustainability at the core of business models and the key issues on the agendas of sustainability leaders in the beauty and personal care industry.

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