Quantis deepens its bench of experts + establishes ecosystem of communities to accelerate business transformation


The challenges we face are complex, dynamic and intricately interlinked. We need solutions and approaches that reflect the reality of what we’re up against.

In brief:

  • Quantis establishes an interconnected network of communities to better support clients on their sustainable transformation journeys and accelerate the pace of change.
  • Quantis’ communities, which includes Communities of Expertise, Communities of Practice and Sector Communities, are built on a foundation of environmental expertise, business acumen and market intelligence.
  • Quantis appoints Amanda Martin as Global Client Transformation Lead to coordinate and build out the Communities of Practice and Expertise and lead its offering development.

It’s a pivotal moment in history for our planet — one that calls for deep and rapid transformation. The role business plays in solving the environmental emergency and shifting to a planetary economy has never been more critical.

To match the urgency of the moment, Quantis is evolving the way we work to better support our clients on their sustainable business transformation journeys, scale our impact and accelerate the pace of change.

Aligning our approach with business + nature

The challenges we face are complex, dynamic and intricately interlinked. To tackle them, we need solutions and approaches that reflect the reality of what we’re up against.

To achieve our mission of aligning business with nature, we’ve formed an interconnected network of communities designed to encourage the cross-pollination of ideas, foster productive collaboration and enable the co-creation of effective, holistic solutions that tackle critical industry topics and set companies up to drive transformation across their businesses.

This ecosystem is built on a solid foundation of environmental expertise, business acumen and market intelligence.

A planetary perspective + deep environmental expertise…

Transforming business to align with nature starts with a solid understanding of planetary boundaries, critical sustainability issues and the latest environmental science. Quantis’ Communities of Expertise reflect the need to act beyond carbon, bringing deep expertise on topics spanning land use, climate, biodiversity, water, and plastic pollution. They harness science to help organizations understand what it means to operate within planetary boundaries and point them towards true sustainability.

And because sustainability challenges, such as climate change, are intrinsically linked through complex feedback loops on multiple scales, our Communities of Expertise work in close partnership to share knowledge and ensure a whole-system approach when shaping solutions. This cross-topic collaboration serves to break down silos, avoid impact transfer, and set our clients up to deliver the greatest possible impact.

Our communities of expertise are lead by:

…paired with business acumen + enterprise transformation capabilities

Quantis’ Communities of Practice collaborate closely with our Communities of Expertise to apply environmental science and the planetary boundaries framework to a business context. Communities of Practice are built on a strong foundation of business acumen and expert know-how in areas critical for driving business transformation, including organizational change, supply chain management and strategy design.

Our communities have a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face in driving transformation. They work across the entire value chain and harness systems thinking to root out the causes of complex problems, challenge prevailing assumptions and go beyond setting targets to create actionable roadmaps that lead to real impact. Our teams collaborate with key stakeholders across the organization — from the C-suite to marketing and product development — and deep in the supply chain to turn commitments into action to tangible transform their businesses.

Our communities of practice are lead by:

 Our Sector Communities bring an additional and essential perspective to our approach — the market perspective. They partner closely with our Communities of Practice and Communities of Expertise to help our teams stay on top of the latest market forces, trends and operating models in our focus industries so that our approach is always in context with the industry drivers affecting business.

Our Sector Communities are lead by:

Appointment of new strategic role to strengthen + guide our ecosystem of communities

To champion Quantis’ Communities of Practice and Expertise, we have developed a new role of Global Client Transformation Lead, which sits within our leadership team. This role will be filled by Quantis veteran Amanda Martin. Amanda has most recently served as the Global Strategic Sustainability Communications and Engagement Lead and has been a dedicated Quantisian for the last six years. With her vibrant energy, strong leadership and over 20 years of consulting experience in consumer goods sectors, Amanda will play a pivotal role in accelerating Quantis’ mission through our communities.

As Global Client Transformation Lead, Amanda will coordinate and build out Quantis’ ecosystem of communities and lead our offering development. Amanda will focus on helping our communities strengthen their capabilities, fostering collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas, and amplifying Quantis’ impact through partnerships, innovation and engagement along the value chain.

“Everyday I am inspired by the deep environmental knowledge and incredible talents who I have the honor to support in my role as leader of Quantis’ Communities of Expertise and Communities of Practice. Our interconnected communities enable our consultants to share knowledge, ideas and experiences so we can bring the smartest thinking and latest scientific advancements to our clients across all our transformation projects,” says Amanda.

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