Quantis + partners launch new guidelines for corporate plastic stewardship

Today’s the day to turn plastic commitments into action. Quantis partner Verra just launched a new plastic stewardship initiative under the 3R Initiative that establishes the world’s first comprehensive framework for companies to verifiably manage and reduce their plastic footprint. As part of this initiative, Quantis, South Pole, EA, Verra and BV Rio have co-developed the Guidelines for Corporate Plastic Stewardship, which provide best practices for companies to quantify and mitigate their plastic footprints, as well as set credible and science-based commitments to reduce plastic waste.

More than 1,000 organizations have united behind a common vision and targets to create a circular economy for plastic as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy. Many are starting to set targets to collect and recycle the plastic waste they generate. But until now, there has been no integrated framework incorporating best practices for achieving and reporting on goals to collect and recycle plastic. 

We’re in the midst of a plastics crisis that’s rapidly unfolding before us. Businesses hold the power to change course.

We’re in the midst of a plastics crisis that’s rapidly unfolding before us. In just 20 years, annual flows of plastic into the ocean are expected to triple on a ‘business-as-usual’ path, reaching 29 million metric tons by 2040. Businesses hold the power to change course. They need to address the issue by treating the source through measuring their plastic footprints and cutting the tap on plastic leakage. Last year, Quantis and EA launched the Plastic Leak Project (PLP) to help companies do just this. The new Guidelines launched today take PLP even further, providing a comprehensive approach to assessing plastic footprints and waste, and identifying actions within value chains (e.g. avoiding plastic or replacing it where environmentally sensible) to take responsibility for those impacts. They also guide companies to invest beyond their own value chains to address the plastic waste they cannot yet eliminate and communicate credibly along the way. 

We have the tools, now it’s time to use them. Let’s make 2021 the year we tackle plastic.

To learn more about how to get involved and step up to the plastic challenge, contact Anna.

Anna Kounina
Senior Sustainability Consultant

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